One-item-a-month challenge – Luxe sneakers for March

One-item-a-month challenge - Luxe sneakers for March

You know what guys, I’m really enjoying this one-item-a-month challenge so far.

Hand on heart, I wasn’t sure if I could stick to only buying one thing for my wardrobe a month. But so far I’m having super fun with it. It makes me plan my purchases a lot more. I have a proper look at my wardrobe and I can see where the gaps are. As a former shopaholic, this is revolutionary.

What do I actually need?

So March is really the first spring month here in London and normally I buy my first pair of sneakers right around the time the cherry blossoms decide to cover the trees in the area like pink cotton wool. Most of the time I go for a white, simple Adidas-kind of sneaker for maybe £50. Simple, inexpensive and practical. Or so I thought. But if I have a good look at my credit card statement, then I see a not as uplifting pattern.

I get one pair of white sneakers in Marc…then another pair in June…and one in Agust… and possibly even a last pair in October. Because I go for the “cheap” option, I don’t tend to take very good care of them and they get old and boring pretty quickly. Then I demote them to “park-shoes” to wear when I go to the park with Olive and Ace.

When I did my Marie Kondo clear out I counted 5 identical pairs of not-so-white-anymore “park-shoes”.

So silly and really not inexpensive or useful. That is not what I need in my life.

I need a pair of really nice sneakers that I can wear to castings, meetings, or even events. I have lots of every-day shoes already, so it’s time to get a pair I really love.

So my goal in March is to find the perfect pair of luxe sneakers. And I’m gonna make sure I take bloody good care of them. It’s meant to be an investment that will last me a while. Not to be demoted to “park-shoes” after a month or two.

In the collage above are all my favorites from Net-A-Porter at the moment.

I know that the whole “ugly sneaker” trend is burning hot at the moment. But it’s just not for me. They look super cool on other bloggers, but I just feel clumsy and wrong when I try them on. So no ugly sneakers for me.

I did, however, include the pair från Alexander McQueen in my luxe sneakers edit if you happen to be a person who can get away with this trend. But for me personally, it’s between the Saint Laurent, Golden Goose or Givenchy sneakers. I love the furry ones from Fendi, but I’m not sure my PPW would be particularly good. They are not as versatile as some of the others.

Ok, tell me. Do you have a luxe sneaker favorite? Maybe one that’s not in the collage that can make my decision even harder?

Luxe sneakers (adlinks)

As you would read…
Saint Laurent
Dolce & Gabbana
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
Alexander McQueen

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