What is “Sustainable Sustainability” and why should you join me?

Sustainable sustainability - Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something

As a part of the new direction I’m taking on my social media platforms, I have decided to focus more on the things that truly matter to me and less on what makes me money/is cool/I “should” talk about…

On top of #MINDFLUENCING and One item a month challenge, I also want to introduce my latest concept – “Sustainable Sustainability”.

What is this, except for a tongue twister, you might wonder?

Well, In a world that is in need of some serious change if we want to keep inhabiting this planet, we all know we have to do our bit. However, we also have everyday lives, our own struggles and limited time, money and resources.

We all want to be perfect and do the right thing. But we can’t always fulfill the criteria of the “no-waste”, “low-CO2”, “pre-loved”, “no-meat”, no-plastic”, “save the insects” – efforts that are out there.

Don’t get me wrong they are all incredibly important, and I applaud every single person that works towards these goals.

But what about the rest of us? It’s really easy to feel like since we can’t be perfect, we won’t try at all. It is a bit of a jungle and the pressure of remembering/knowing how and having the availability to do the best for our planet can get quite high.

That’s where “sustainable sustainability” comes into play. The idea is that we all promise to be as environmentally sustainable as we can sustain in our everyday lives.

“Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something” – is the key here.

sustainable sustainability

My job is to introduce the little changes you can do in your everyday life, that if enough of us do, we will make a difference. Your job will be to pick the things that suit you and you feel like you can sustain. Deal?

There is no pressure on anyone to do all of the things I will cover, but if you can make a few small changes, then you will be doing something very real and tangible in the effort of preserving our earth for future generations to come.

So from now on, every week I will introduce a sustainable sustainability task, that you can choose to join me in.

I’m in no way perfect, but I have a will to get better and if we all can make the journey together then we can support and encourage each other.

So let’s decide to give “Sustainable sustainability a go” and see where we end up? 

Please do also feel free to leave updates on your progress, your own sustainable sustainability tips and ideas and any thoughts you have on the subject on the “Sustainable sustainability” Facebook page. Let’s get talking and sharing.

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – The amazing no-plastic shop “Common” in Clapham Common, UK.

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