Mindful Monday 18th February – My focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week

Mindful Monday 18th February - My focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week

There are soooo many memes online about how horrible Mondays are. All I can think of is how people must hate their jobs!

Of course, it’s amazing to have the weekend off and to be able to spend quality time with our friends and family. But personally when Monday comes around I feel pretty ready to get going again. I’m excited for the new week and what it will bring. I used to have Monday-anxiety in the past, but these days it’s completely gone.

Now I can really look forward to getting to sit down with a nice cup of coffee in a café and just get to tap away at my laptop for a few hours. Maybe it’s because I have a kid and feel like my work time also double us as “me-time” or maybe it’s because I really love my job.

No matter what, it’s a great feeling to be excited and happy on a Monday.

I didn’t blog much last week, my goal is at least 3 post, preferably 5. I failed miserably last week with only 2…

But to my defense, I have 2 great reasons.

At first, I spent 48 hours at Soho Farmhouse with Facebook (I will make a post on the whole experience this week so you can see exactly what I have been up to. It was epic!). Then I caught a flight over to Stockholm to have meetings, see friends and family and go to a beauty awards gala. I was in the jury, so I felt like I really should make the effort to go. It was another great 24 hours. But now I’m so ready to just stay in London and get back into my normal routine.

Are you ready for my focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week? :

My mantra this week – “Keep my eyes on the prize and don’t look back”. It’s always a bit scary to do something new and different. But if the situation has gotten old and too comfortable, then it’s time to challenge myself again. I won’t get anywhere if I only do what I always have done.

My affirmation this week – “I believe in myself”. I realized last week that there are people out there that believe even more in me than what I believe in myself. Even though it’s, of course, amazing to feel like I have such support. I should probably be the one that has the strongest faith in my ability. So from now on, I will believe even more in myself. I need to be my number one cheerleader in life.

My goal this week– Now when I have set a few exciting goals to reach in the near future, it’s time to plan and structure my time. When should I work on what? What can I do less of so I can do more of the new things that really excites me? How do I harness and distribute my energy in the most efficient way?

My dream of the week  – My dream is to “make money in my sleep”. We already have a rental income that does exactly that. But my end goal is to never have to work for money, only for passion. If I know I have money coming in then I can confidently focus on what really matters to me.

My vision this week – On my deathbed, I want to be able to 100% honestly look back and say that I have done something good for the world. No matter if it’s something small or something big. I want to have made a difference to other lives than just my own. It would make me very happy. It’s a totally selfless and selfish goal at the same time.

Mindful Monday 18th February - My focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week

My focus this week – Structure. If I’m going to be able to work on and launch my new project and still keep working on the blogs, go to castings and be an involved mom at the same time. Then I need to be really good at planning my time. I have already started by getting ready a bit quicker in the mornings and today I sat down 30 minutes earlier than usual. During this start-up phase Netflix nights with Garth will be only on Friday nights and the rest of the time I will either organize or read to collect inspiration. If it all goes to plan I would like to have Ace in nursery another half day a week. At the moment I have only 16 hours of childcare every week. 20 work hours would make more sense.

The event of the week – I’m on standby to do a shoot for my portfolio with a great photographer. I need some new fresh photos to bring to castings, so I’m really hoping I will be able to get a spot within the next few days.

My lesson from last week – I will end up in all different kinds of situations with all different kinds of people. It’s a part of what I do and I love it. But I have to make sure to be careful with my energy. I cannot keep changing my intensity to suit other people but need it to stay consistent and suitable to my own pace. Otherwise, I will end up drained very quickly.

My everyday-luxury this week– I was out for drinks with a bunch of lovely people last night. And even though I didn’t stay out particularly late, I only got 5 hours sleep before “Olive, Olive, milk, milk” started this morning. (I should just get Olive a little harness and attach a milk bottle to it so she could be the stand-in dog-mother when I’m tired). So my luxury today is going to be to nap when he naps this afternoon. Sleep is like gold dust when you really need it.

My inspiration this week  – I’m reading “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) at the moment and I’m finding it terribly inspiring. Especially as a woman with a desire to have a life-long career I find her advice invaluable.

Have you got your focus, vision, goal, & affirmation set for this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Brickwood Clapham. Jeans by Morgan (on sale!), Asos top  (also on sale) & faux fur from New look (unfortunately sold out). – Adlinks

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