The wealth and fame equation for happiness

The wealth and fame equation for happiness

I have this on-going quest to figure out what really makes me happy in life. To find the equation for happiness.

Some people want to get rich, others want to get famous. I want to be happy.

I think people assume that if you are rich and famous, you must automatically end up happy. That you have to be the first two to end up with number three. But it’s really not a given. There are plenty of rich and famous people out there that are deeply unhappy.

I actually think fame is an antidote to happiness. A soon as people know a lot about you, they will have opinions. And often these opinions are not of the nice kind. So you have to grow a thick skin and be careful not to aggravate the people that are constantly scrutinizing you. It’s exhausting and won’t bring you any happiness.

Sure it’s nice that people know your name. You feel important and validated. But you pay the price with your privacy. So fame is not a part of the end-goal for me.

Also, fame doesn’t have to equal money. To have fame and no riches is the worst possible outcome of this equation. It’s expensive to be famous, you can’t move about like normal people. Everything you do have to be managed in a way or another.

Fame also doesn’t have to equal power. You can be famous for all kinds of reasons and not all of them will make people want to work with you or know your opinion.

So to have fame without money is probably the least likely part of the equation to end up in happiness.

The wealth and fame equation for happiness

So do I have to be rich to be happy?

I mean it would be nice to have loads of money, especially if no one knows who you are and won’t hassle you for it. You could buy whatever you want, but in the end, you can’t buy happiness.

Sure there are some pretty happy rich people out there. But they are probably not happy just because they are rich. Their happiness is more likely to come from their journey of self-realization, their passion, and purpose in life. They have most likely built their wealth from scratch and it’s the journey that has made them happy, not the end result.

If they would have won the same amount of money in the lottery, I doubt they would have felt the same way.

Because happiness isn’t at all an equation of wealth and fame. It’s about passion, love, self-realization, friends & family. About living a fulfilling life filled with laughter and love.

All I keep thinking is, why detour off to fame and wealth when we already have what we need from the start?

It’s really pretty simple. Work to feel fulfilled, spend time with people that make you feel loved, live a life you enjoy and that you yourself are proud of. That is the true equation for happiness. Money and fame have nothing to do with it.

It’s almost too easy, right?  

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    great article!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

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