My all-time beauty favorites & latest buys

my all time beauty favorites

My beauty favorites.

There is a good reason to why I have never dared to put up a “shelfie” (ie a photo of my beauty shelf in the bathroom) up here on the blog.

I would have been way too ashamed of how many products I owned and how disorganized my shelves were.

When you get products sent, do collaborations with beauty brands and on top of this is a complete skincare geek that buys lots of new stuff to try out. It’s easy to end up with way more than you can ever use. I mean I only have one face!

So yesterday Ace got to be my little helper and we did a massive clear out. (Well, I cleared out and Ace tried to put it back again…). I only saved my absolute beauty favorites.

Anything past their use-by date got tossed. Things that were unopened and still usable ended up in my giveaway box. And the products that don’t suit the skin on my face got moved to my body-shelf instead. Why not use a lovely serum that isn’t completely right for the face, on the body instead? Re-purposing at it’s best.

I got rid of a massive bag of stuff.

I wish I could have given it all away, but any product that is opened and past their use-by date is not safe to use. I wouldn’t dare to use it myself and even less give it to anyone else.

I really should have given stuff away a lot earlier. I’m a bit mad at myself for wasting a lot of useful products. To my defense, I was pregnant for 10 months and then breastfeeding for another 8. So there were, unfortunately, a lot of products that expired during that time. I had to avoid anything that wasn’t super gentle since my hormones were all over the place.

But from now on it will change.

I’m only going to buy products I really like and I will make sure to finish it all. And anything I get sent that I know I won’t use will go straight into my give-away box without hesitation.

I love to look at my shelf now and only see products that I really love and use. Even though I had so many different bottles and tubs of all kinds, I only use very few of them. And most of my favorites were running out. Totally silly!

Maybe I will even post a shelfie at some point?

This week my plan is to have a good look at my skincare routine. See what I actually need and get those. I already bought a new eye cream from Dermalogica that I had recommended and a facewash from REN that I already love.

My next step is to find a good retinol product, a new primer with SPF and a really good face oil (preferably with a face roller since mine broke recently).

In the picture above you can see all the products I have bought recently. I have used all except the eye cream for a really long time and they work amazingly well for my skin.

These are my every-day beauty favorites (adlinks)

Shiseido Vaso – A facewash that I use when I need to remove makeup. 
 Dermalogica Stress positive eyelift  – A new eye cream I’m looking forward to trying out. 
Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil – My evening serum (it makes you a bit orange) 
REN Rosa Centifola cleansing balm – A facewash I use in the morning or the days I don’t wear makeup. (It smells amazing!)
REN Vitamineral Emollient rescue creme – I use this as a super-moisturizing day cream. 
REN vitamineral Omega oil – My favorite serum hands down. I have been using it for years and years. I tend to apply it mainly in the morning. 
Vichy slow age night cream – I found this product when I did a collaboration with them a few months ago. This also leaves you a bit orange-tinted, but it’s lovely for the skin. 

Do you have any all-time beauty favorites to recommend?

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