Mindful Monday 28th January

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Hello you guys, it’s Monday! Are you ready for a new week?

I had an interesting start to this Monday.

I couldn’t find my keys this morning, so I was frantically running around looking in any little hole or drawer Ace might have put them in. (Turns out Garth accidentally took them…) After a while, I realized it was very quiet in the house, a bit too quiet. Like when a child is up to something naughty kind of quiet.

…and then I spent the next 40 minutes wiping lipstick off the boy, the dog, the sofa, the buggy and about every other surface of the house. I hope Ace likes pink because he will be slightly piggy-tinted for the next week or so. Good staying power in the lipstick though.

I do kind of enjoy little moments like this. It really made me giggle and of course, I had to take a photo or two before the oil came out (olive oil works a treat on the skin and hard surfaces!)

It’s really fun that Ace now has his own will and even though it’s not as funny when I find the remote control swimming in the loo, I do really enjoy him getting older and naughtier.

Here is my Mindful Monday list with my event, vision, lesson, and mantra of the week;

My mantra this week – ” I decide my own worth”. I have definitely been stuck in the trap of people-pleasing during many years of my life. I actually think it’s a bi-product of schooling. It’s such an authoritative place where your value only seems based on your achievements and what other people think of you. It’s terrible for children since it couldn’t be more opposite in the real world. Our value is determined by ourselves and what other people think of us and our achievements are secondary. If we are not happy with who we are and what we do, then we can never actually feel true happiness. Not everyone is going to like everything we do and if we cared about it then we would never feel like we can do anything right.

My affirmation this week – ” Onwards and upwards”. I’m really positive about the future at the moment. I feel like I have an idea of what choices I have in front of me and now it’s just up to me to figure out what direction to go. One part of me would love to have baby no 2 soon to be able to dedicate this part of my life in large to my family. But another side of me feels like I have just landed in this whole Mom-thing and I’m not sure if I’m ready to rock the boat this soon.

My goal this week – In January I was focused on trying to get my taxes done on time. I finally finished yesterday and it feels amazing to have it done and dusted. In February my goal is to Marie Kondo my life. So this week is a bit of an in-between time. I will use it to tie up loose ends and get all those small everyday tasks done.

My dream of the week– To be completely mortgage-free by the time we retire. Garth and I have been watching this show on Netflix about people who have managed to own their homes without a mortgage. Either by buying outright with cash, building cleverly, re-purposing buildings or other clever ways. It really resonated with us and I could see it being a good fun challenge for us. Now we just need to figure out the how…

My vision this week – ”Best friends, aromatherapy, water, and treatments” My vision is in the future to have a set spa-date with my closest friends every month. We used to meet up over drinks, but it doesn’t feel as appealing anymore. A spa date with fluffy towels, hot bath, saunas and lots of calm-time is a much better fit. And way healthier too!

Mindful Monday - My event, vision, lesson, and mantra of the week

My focus this week – Is to remove pink lipstick from all our furniture at home…? Actually, my focus is to get well. I haven’t been sleeping nearly enough recently, and that’s probably why I still struggle with this crappy cold. So this week I will make sure to go to bed on time, eat healthy food and take my vitamins.

The event of the week – Date night on Friday! Garth and I really need time to just get to hang out as adults work and baby free to be able to talk about things and plan for the future. So we have a set date every month now. I can’t wait.

My lesson from last week – Do not leave taxes until the last minute! Then I end up having to stay up at night and that completely clashes with Aces bad nights. The night before yesterday I had about 1 hour of sleep divided up into 10-minute chunks. Not ideal… #Momlife

My everyday-luxury this week –I’m fancying treating myself to some new makeup. Maybe something by Charlotte Tilbury or Tom Ford? I want to clear out and get new stuff that I really love.

My inspiration this week  – The account @thegoodquote   on Instagram always seem to brighten up my day. I find that those little motivational mini-moments are really beneficial to my inspiration.

Ok, what about you, what is your event, vision, lesson, and mantra of the week?

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