Mindful Monday 21st January

my dream, vision, lesson, and goal this week

It’s Monday AGAIN? It felt like it was Monday only yesterday… someone seriously needs to make weeks longer. 

Time seems to be moving quicker and quicker the older we get. One day we will all stand there and see the end coming and hopefully, we can look back and think “I did good”. Well, at least that’s the goal.

At the moment I would regret not taking enough risks, not having failed enough and not having made enough mistakes to learn from. And my health… I would regret all the stressing and not making time for myself.

Of course, time with Ace ( my little 15-month-old boy) is what I would want to have prioritized the most. But at the moment I feel like I have a fairly good balance. So hopefully I’m doing pretty good in that part of my life.

The other stuff I will have to work on. Hopefully, I will have a good few more years to get it right.

Health wise I’m actually already feeling a lot better since I decided to stop taking everything so seriously all the time. I have decided to work for me and not anyone else… If that means a casting less and a post or two fewer some weeks, then that’s just the way it has to be. I’m aiming for quality and to find a pace that’s sustainable to keep up.

This is my week’s dream, vision, lesson, and goal;

My mantra this week  – “Do I need this in my life?” – I have set a big process in motion and have really realized that I need to have/do/ create less, but better. So at the moment, I’m analyzing everything in my life to see if it will still fit into my new chapter or if I’m ready to let it go. I only want the core, the best-of-the-best left when I’m done. So I have time for the important stuff without all the other fluff to take up my energy and time.

My affirmation this week – ”Positivity is my superpower”. I have realized how lucky I am to have a dial in my brain that’s always set towards positivity. I’m just made that way. I actually have to make myself be critical or I probably wouldn’t ever be. It’s a superpower since it makes me happy. However, it does sometimes lead to me not noticing when something isn’t good for me. So it’s something I will have to work on. But all in all, I see positivity as the key to a happy life.

My goal this week – To survive until Garth gets back and then get some much-needed sleep haha. Ace is in leap 10 and each of these phases comes with really crappy sleep at night. Last night he was up every hour calling “Mamma, mamma, Olive (the dog), Olive”. Very cute, but I’m basically surviving on caffeine now. It’s only a short time in life kids are this little, so I actually don’t mind all that much.  Soon I will have to drag him out of bed to get ready for school…

My dream of the week – A happy life. Isn’t that the end-goal for all of us? The hard bit is to figure out exactly what makes us happy. Can you buy it with money? Is it connected to love? Creativity? Pleasures? Experiences? Fulfilled potential? Peace of mind? Happiness is individual and we all have to figure out our own perfect formula. Until I find mine I will keep working on getting a little bit happier with every day that passes by.

My vision this week – “Bags are packed, 2 kids with excitement all over their faces, a trip and a few hours later we are in our second home” Somewhere warm, where we spend at least 2-3 month a year (depending on school). Instead of going on lots of small trips we get to have almost like a second life somewhere else. It could be both exciting and educational.

Mindful Monday - my dream, vision, lesson, and goal

My focus this week– The future. Garth and I are going to see a financial advisor. We are pretty good at planning and investing, but we figure there is nothing to lose in getting some help. I would love to learn a bit more on how to invest in stocks here in the UK. I found it a lot easier back in Sweden, and I would need a bit of guidance to find an easy way to do it here.

We also want to keep on investing in properties. It’s a good business for us, even though the whole Brexit scramble is all over the place, we still think it’s a pretty good long-term investment.

The event of the week – Was actually today. I got a call-back to the commercial casting I went to last week. The chances of me actually booking the job are pretty slim. I have been auditioning for this casting director for 14 years and he is yet to book me. But I’m happy to have been called back. I’m still just getting back into the industry after having been off on maternity leave.

My lesson from last week  – I have this strong feeling that I’m on the right path towards Tess 3.0. The 2.0 upgrade came when I left Sweden for the UK 14 years ago and I’m ready for a new chapter. I know who I am now, and it’s time to figure out what I want. The exciting thing about digging deep in yourself is that you have no idea what you mind find. Some stuff might surprise you.

My everyday-luxury this week– On Thursday I’m planning to book a massage at home in the evening. I’m one of those people that think a massage should hurt, so I always go for a sports massage. I want to feel like I have been run over by a truck after. Then I know that it actually did something.

My inspiration this week  – “21 lessons for the 21st century” (adlink). I only just started this book, but it’s already blowing my mind. How do you deal with possibly becoming irrelevant in a market run by AI in the future? It brings up lots of questions that will be current very soon, but we at the moment don’t really have an answer to. It’s not an easy read, but very informative.

Ok, your turn! What’s your dream, vision, lesson, and goal this week?

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