My one item a month challenge – January

One item a month for 2019 - My new challenge

One of my goals for 2019 is to have less but better. 

It goes for everything in life, but at the moment I’m focusing my attention on my wardrobe. I have been aiming for quality over quantity for a while now. But I have never really managed to do a proper clear-out. I’m a bit of a clothes-hoarder. But after reading “The art of tidying up” and deciding that 2019 is the year I clean house (or even clean life). I’m finally ready to let go. In February all items that I don’t love will go. No exceptions. I will finally make space for my dream wardrobe.

And after my big clear out I have given myself a little challenge for the rest of the year:

My problem has always been that I have fancied an item, decided it was too expensive and instead ended up buying 3 things that were almost as good. Ie I spent the same amount and actually never really loved what I got. So stupid when I think of it now!

So to make my wardrobe more sustainable and to make sure I won’t buy anything else that I will only get rid of I’m only allowed to buy one item of clothing a month for the rest of 2019.* 

This will make me have to plan my purchases, think about and be completely sure of what I want to get. No more impulse, almost-right, and emotional shopping. I might even try to have decided on what I’m getting before the 1st of some months. Then I know it will be something I truly love and not another compromise.

I haven’t really got a specific budget, but I do know approximately how much I usually spend on clothes in a month. So I will aim for that amount or less and if I want to get something a bit more fancy, then I can “save up” a month or two first.

* The exception to the one item a month rule are things I have to get because I need them and not because I want them, like socks. It would feel a bit sad to blow my monthly buy on something boring like nex Spanx.  

My challenge 2019 - one item of clothing a month for the rest of the year 

I actually kind of started in January. I did get two items, but to my defense, I only came up with the idea after I bought the first one. So I decided that it didn’t count. The first item was a £50 sale bargain from Asos and the other item was also discounted, a maxi dress I have been eyeing up for a while from Swedish designer Filippa K.

I went to try it on in the store when we were in Stockholm for New years. I love the dove grey shade, the floaty silhouette, the pretty sleeves and since it was 40% off it was a no-brainer.

This dress is a very good example of the kind of clothes I want to invest in; a timeless and classic shape in great quality from a nice brand and an item already know I will love. The perfect start of my one item a month challenge.

I have actually already worn it twice. To Lara’s baby shower this weekend and to a lovely breakfast at The Ivy Chelsea Garden with Kicki and Linnéa last week. You see – it’s already working!

The dress is still on sale and you can find it here (it’s about £180 now). (adlink)

Anyone fancy joining me in my “one item a month” challenge? I can show you mine if you show me yours? How about it?

Photo – Ida Zander


  1. This is such a good idea! I’m terrible at impulse buying – I might have to think about doing something like this!

    1. Come on, do it with me! I find I’m so much better at shopping already!

  2. Kim-keta scott

    This is a great idea . It also helps you save money if you set a budget. I love to shop so this will help me break down on having a lot of things.

    1. I find myself that I’m so much more considerate and careful when I look at clothes now. If I only can buy one, then it really has to count.

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