Wedding inspiration – Why you really should have a look at alternative wedding dresses

Why you should have a look at alternative wedding dresses.

If I would have gotten married this year I would probably not have bought a classic wedding dress. Instead, I would have gone looking for more alternative wedding dresses.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the dress I wore to our wedding in Zimbabwe in 2014. But it does annoy me a little bit that I spent sooo much money on a dress I only wore once…

I have a feeling that I will feel a little bit less wasteful the day I actually get to show it off again. My grand plan is to unpack it from the box it’s resting in at the moment and instead place it on display in the middle of my walk-in-closet in our next house. Then it will become a part of the interior and I will be able to enjoy it and remember our wedding every day.

But still, I would probably have chosen something a bit more alternative if I got married today. I’m a different person now and I dare to think outside the box even more now than I did then. (As if a wedding on a lion sanctuary in the middle of the bush is inside any box…)

Because why does a wedding dress have to be from a wedding brand? And why does it have to be so crazy expensive?

Why not get a beautiful evening gown from a regular designer? And who says it has to be long, there are plenty of beautiful shorter dresses out there. It doesn’t even have to be white if you fancy something different. I would have looked at dresses with a pattern or interesting details.

You can still get it fitted to suit your body shape perfectly. Just go to a really good seamstress. It will most likely still be a lot more cost effective in the long run.

I found that as soon as the word “wedding” is placed in front of any other word. The price multiplies. A great tip is to not even mention that it’s a wedding when you look at venues, flowers, and catering until you actually have a price set.

In the collage above I have found a few alternative dresses that would work for a classic, the 90s, boho or vintage-bride. In one category you find dresses under £1000 and in the other dresses above a grand.

My favorites are 2, 4, 6 and 9.

Under £1 000 – 1. Self Portrait,2.  Temperly London*, 3. Halston Heritage, 4.  Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, 5. Georgia Alice (adlinks)

Above £1 000 – 6. Oscar de la Renta, 7. Michael lo Sordo, 8. Galvan, 9. Galvan, 10. Giambattista Valli (adlinks)

Shoes Jimmy Choo, Sophia Webster (adlinks)

*Woopsie, this dress is actually above a grand at £1500. Sorry!

I’m still super happy with my wedding shoes by Jimmy Choo. I’m so glad I chose shoes I wanted to wear again. They are super comfy and still a favorite in my wardrobe. So a great tip is to skip the classic wedding shoes and go for something you really love and would wear over and over again.

I hope I have inspired you, brides-to-be, to look at slightly more alternative wedding dresses. In the long run, I think it’s a great decision.

By the way, do you remember our engagement video?

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