My New Year’s Resolutions 2019

new year's resolutions 2019

I sometimes think that new year’s resolutions are nothing but a bunch of half-assed promises about going to the gym more often, eating less crap and quitting a bad habit. Most of the time we already know we are not going to keep to it, but we want to pretend to make ourselves feel good in the new year. 

The problem is that a goal without a plan is more of a dream.

We love to go all-in and make big resolutions that kick off right after that last sip of champagne on new year’s eve. However, the likelihood of going from 0 gym visits to 5 in the first week is pretty slim. It’s also really hard just to go cold turkey on something. It’s just not sustainable in the long run.

The trick to a good new years resolution is to pick a few areas where we want to make a change, make a plan and set small goals along the way. To start slow and work our way up.

We tend to overestimate what we can get done in a short time, but easily underestimate what we can do in a year. A new years resolution is for the full year, so it’s important to make a plan that makes us reach the end destination at the end of the year, not straight away. Sometimes the journey is the goal, right?

These are my 3 big goals this year;

1. To take better care of my physical and mental health.
2. I want to do more for others and care more about the environment.
3. I want to figure out what my passions in life are and do more of that.

1.To take better care of my physical and mental health.;

When our bodies say stop, we have to listen. I have a feeling that I was quite close to a full body breakdown in 2018. I was way too overstretched, stressed and frazzled. But I realized I was heading in the completely wrong direction. So I slowed down, had a think and changed my priorities.

I have always been very good at taking care of my body both physically and mentally. But since I had Ace it has been hard to find the time. So now I will have to prioritize. If I don’t feel well, then I can’t be a good mom, wife, worker och friend. So I have to put my health up there to make sure I keep it all together.

These are the changes I will make in 2019;

A. I’m going to “steal” another hour from my work time every week to fit in another yoga class. So far I have been going on Wednesdays and sometimes on the weekend. But I need more and will add a session on Mondays too. It will make me happier, more inspired, more creative, relaxed and happy- It might sound like I will get less productive, but I have a feeling it will be the complete opposite.

B. I want to read more books. The plan is to read 2 books in January and then continue with 2-3 books a month. It gives me that much-needed break and  I always feel inspired and motivated by reading. I’m planning on using the time when Ace naps to get some reading done. And if I can fit in half an hour before bed, then I will. It’s much better to fall asleep after reading anyway.

C. I was really great at taking my vitamins and eating my superfoods in the past. The plan is for me to re-engage my interest and also add to eat more plant-based food. Both for my own sake and for the environment.

D. I’m going to listen to my body. Only this little bit of time over Christmas and New years when I decided to update a bit less gave me a massive break. I have barely had to take my stomach pills at all! My plan now is to before every week get an idea of my stress levels and burden of work so I can plan my work and other commitments around this. If I’m having a bad week, I will take on less. It will be a lot more flexible and suitable for my health.

2. I want to do more for others and the environment, 

I have already started with my project #MINDFLUENCING . An initiative to try to make social media a better place. On top of this, I want to get better at thinking about the environment, recycling and re-purposing. I’m also interested in a more sustainable view of clothes and would like to work to counteract the trend of fast fashion.

This is how I will reach these goals in 2019;

A. The #MINDFLUENCING campaign is running from for 28 days during January and I’m posting 1 photo in my feed and a few stories every day on the subject. You really should check it out! So far it has been incredibly well-received and I’m so excited to see other people engaging in the #.

B. We don’t really recycle as well in London as they do back home in Sweden. But we do separate into regular trash and recycling at the moment hopefully we will also get a food bin too. I will make sure to always carry my own reusable bags when I go shopping and I want to avoid anything with a lot of plastic packaging. I want to try to buy what’s in season and I would like my groceries to have been grown and produced locally if I can find it. I’m already very good at buying organic and fair trade.

C. When it comes to my wardrobe, I want to get even better at buying pre-loved. I rather have a few items of quality than buying big quantities of clothes. I want to sell or give anything I don’t use to charity and only buy what I really want and need. Maybe I should even give myself a little challenge?

D. I want to find “my” charity this year. So far I donate money every month to a couple of charities. But I don’t have one particular one I’m passionate about yet.

I want to find my big passions in life and do more of it. 

What do I like to do and what am I really good at? I’m actually not really sure to be honest. So this year I will do my best to find my Ikigai – my passion in life. 

This is how I will find my Ikigai in 2019;

A. I need to give myself time and space to think and feel more often. Now and then I want to take a timeout and just spend some time in my own mind. Maybe if I arrive early to my yoga class or when I walk Ace to nursery in the morning.

B. I want to widen my horizons and read more biographies. There are so many passionate people out there. I want to know what makes them tick and how they found their calling in life.

C. I would like to try new things.  Right now I don’t have another hobby apart from yoga. It would be fun to find something to lose myself in that doesn’t have to do with career or kids. I don’t really know where to start with this goal yet. I need to have a good think about it before I create an action plan.

What do you think, do my goals sound realistic? Have you had a chance to decide on any new year’s resolutions of your own yet?

Photo – Ida Zander

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  1. That’s true that we overestimate what we can get done in a short time and underestimate what we can do in a year. This is why I’m breaking my goals into quarters. Oh, and I’m striving to read books per quarter. I’m a bit behind on my January reading because I’m still finishing December’s read but I’m trying to read every night before bed too.

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