#MINDFLUENCING = Mindful Influencing


As you guys probably have noticed I took a bit of a break from the blog over Christmas and New Years. It was for a specific reason – I needed to do some serious thinking.

I had to try to figure out if social media is a good or a bad place.

I have recently felt that the climate on platforms like Instagram, is getting tougher. It’s not as much fun to create and share as it used to be. It has gotten too negative and too serious. Now it’s more about engagement, algorithm, and general anxiety than creating and being part of a community.

I had to ask myself the question if I was part of the problem or the solution? And if Social Media is, in fact, a negative thing. Would I be able to keep going knowing it goes against everything I personally stand for?

My conclusion after a lot of pretty deep pondering is that Social Media is neither negative nor positive. It’s just platforms. Some HTML, algorithm and other stuff thrown together. Social media is neutral. We are the ones who make it good or bad. We who create and share, but also we who follow.

Its up to us to make sure that we promote, follow and lift things that makes us and others happy. I see it almost like the secret but in the shape of tech.

What am I putting out there and what am I lifting by liking, following and commenting on? I have plenty of choices. Am I using them properly?

Social media can be a place that breeds anxiety, stress, loneliness, jealousy, and feelings of inadequacy. Or it can widen our horizons, inspire. motivate and make us feel closer to each other. Both options are just as possible.

So I have decided that if I’m not a part of the problem I need to be a part of the solution. 

I have from today instigated a 28-day crusade under the hashtag #MINDFLUENCING (Mindful Influencing) on Instagram to do my bit to make social media more positive. I have a voice and I have a platform, so it only makes sense to use it.

So during January, I will share all my thoughts, ideas and advice to help make social media a better place.

#MINDFLUENCING is not just for us who create content, but also for us who follow, like and comment. We all need to work together if this is going to work.

If you like me think that you can make a difference and want to be a part of the solution. Use the hashtag #MINDFLUENCING to show your support. If a lot of people do a little we can make sure that Social Media is a positive part of our lives.

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Megan’s Clapham Common.


  1. LOVE this idea!!!

    1. I’m sooo glad <3

  2. Allison Kurt

    I love this idea ! And especially am concerned for kids and teens growing up in this new world. I want to contribute and brainstorm with you how we can make this huge and maybe even get on Ellen!!

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