My birthday weekend at Langshott Manor

langshott manor

So my secret birthday getaway was an amazing stay at the stunning Langshott Manor. Don’t I have the best hubby ever?

This is such a gorgeous part of the world. The manor is from the 16th century built in Tudor style. It’s absolutely gorgeous! There are beautiful gardens and where once it used to be a moat, there is now a small lake and a pretty pond.

It felt a bit like walking into a gingerbread house.

The service was exactly as properly old-fashioned as the manor itself. Waiters wearing white gloves, polished silver with every meal and even the smallest detail planned to perfection.

langshott manorlangshott manor

Even though the service is quite formal, they all took their time to chat, joke and play with Ace.

He is such a little chatterbox now. He only knows a few words but uses them well. One of the other guests taught him to high 5, so whenever someone entered the room, he quickly toddled over and offered up a small palm.

And if anyone left, he waved and said: “bye bye”. He is truly the happiest little soul on earth. It makes it so much easier for us to go away to nice places. He is just so amazingly easygoing and seems to be able to make a friend out of anyone.

I’m of course biased, but he is the best baby a mom could ever ask for.

langshott manor

We had some time to explore the gardens and all Ace wanted to do was to try to go for a swim… so I ran after him a lot. After an hour of adventures, we headed inside for some afternoon tea by the fire.

He now understands that fires are “hot” and that he isn’t allowed to get too close. But he is still mesmerized by them and can sit and watch the staff setting up the logs and lighting the fire all day if he had the opportunity.

We had a lovely Christmas themed afternoon tea. Ace had all the sandwiches and Garth and I shared the scones and the sweet stuff. There will be time for sugar later in his life, but for now, I don’t see a reason to give him any. He doesn’t understand what a treat is and is just as happy with some salmon or an orange.

I know it won’t last, but for now, I’m “that” mom.

langshott manorlangshott manor

We stayed in a suite with 2 rooms, so when Ace slept at night, we could hang out in the “living room” without disturbing him. We also made it to the restaurant with the baby monitor. It was next door, so if he cried, we could be there in under one minute. All couples need some grown-up time now and then.

During his daytime nap I actually even managed to read a book in front of the roaring fire. It was heaven! I can’t remember when I prioritized reading last, but I miss it terribly. So I have decided that I will make the time to read more from now on. It’s good for my soul.

I would highly recommend a visit to Langshott Manor. One of the best things about it for me personally is how close it is to London. We only had to travel for an hour to get there. It’s actually right next to Gatwick airport. So if I ever have a stop-over I would much rather go to Langshott Manor than some boring generic airport hotel.

This was the best birthday week ever and I’m so happy I got to spend it with my two boys in such a beautiful place. 

My jumper is by Really wild and Ace’s by Ralph Lauren.

langshott manor

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