It’s my birthday & wearing the sparkliest sequin dress I could find!

why 36 will be my best year

Today is no ordinary day, today is a sparkly-sequin-dress-kind-of-day. Why you wonder? Well, It’s my birthday and I’m turning 36!

I love my birthday, it’s only once a year and I love surprises and getting pampered. So I milk it as much as I possibly can.

I’m not one of those people who are upset about getting older. I feel like all the knowledge and self-insight I get each year is worth the whole ageing thing.

The only thing I’m worried about is that life will end one day. I want to live forever, I’m enjoying it too much. So it does upset me a bit that I’m closer to the end, but I guess we all are every second of every minute every day. So a birthday is really no different. 

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35 was a good year for me. I became a mom “properly”. The first few months last year I was mainly just confused about what I was actually doing. But since Ace became about 4-5 months I really started feeling like I have that whole mom-thing down. And I’m only getting better and better at it.

36 will be the first year when I’m closer to 40 than 30. I enjoyed being a mid-30s woman. Not a girl, not an old lady, just a grown up. I always feel like people take me a little bit more seriously every year. Like when I turned 30 I remember really using that if anyone tried to belittle me based on my appearance or perceived age. And the stupid thing is that it worked!

These days I use the mom-card. Like if some guy says something a bit sleazy these days I just thank him for making a 35-year old Mom’s day a bit brighter. Most of the time that puts them off a bit. Ha!

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40 still feels really far away, a lot can happen in 4 years. Like will I have another baby? Will we have bought the flat on the top of the house and made it into a great big family home and will we even still be in London?

By then will blogging still be my main income and focus and will I be doing any modeling at all anymore? Maybe I will even have 4 more kids (two sets of twins of course), live in Singapore and be a shoe-designer Who knows!

That’s the thing about time. No one knows what will happen in the future. We can guess, we can work towards goals and we can dream. But considering that I moved to the UK on a whim and have been here for 14 years, I’m really not going to try to plan anything.

I rather just be surprised!

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To celebrate my big 36 Garth has taken the day off work and is taking me out for breakfast. Ace is at nursery so it will be a little mini-date. After I will head to get a shellac mani/pedi in before Christmas before we pick Ace up from nursery and go out for Lunch.

We are really lucky, he is such a well behaved little boy in restaurants. As long as he got plenty of food to nibble on, he is a happy chappy. It makes life a lot easier since we can basically take him anywhere.

Ok life, bring on 36! If it’s anything like 35 then I’m super excited to see what will happen in the next year!

You can find my very sparkly dress here, (adlink), my shoes are by Pierre Hardy and my bag is too old for me to remember where it’s from. Photo – Ida Zander.

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  1. Jade Ashleigh

    Happy birthday lovely 🥳💅🎂🥂hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!! Absolutely adore these pics 🥰what a dress!! Xx

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