Mindful Monday 10th December

Mindfulness Monday mantra

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Hello lovelies, I hope you had a great weekend!

One of the things I love the most about Mondays is my Mindful Monday checklist. It’s by far my most appreciated recurring post here on the blog and very much my personal favorite.

It’s such a positive and personal post and I sometimes feel like it’s almost like therapy writing all these things down. I like reflecting on the past, evaluating my present and planning my future. It’s a bit like cat-eyes on a dark country road. Life is such a confusing and exciting journey, we all need a bit of guidance to end up in a good place.

And if you feel that the words “mantra” and “affirmation” is a bit too hippie for you. Just think of them as “a sentence I live by this week” or a bit of “positive self-talk”.

Here is my vision, goal, inspiration, and lesson this week;

My mantra this week – “Inspiration is everywhere”. I love when I get feedback from you guys. Constructive criticism is such an important part of the journey to success. It makes me very excited and inspired to blog when I know you guys are engaging. Thank you <3

My affirmation this week – “I’m honest in everything I do”. One of my basic principles in life is to be 100% honest with myself and try to be as honest as possible with everyone else. Not overly-honest in a mean way, just honest. There will always be people in our lives who try to change who we are and what we do. It’s easy to become a people pleaser, but it will be at the expense of what we want for ourselves in the long run. It’s really nice to be liked, but it’s nicer, to be honest with ourselves. I’m not saying never to change but to know who you are changing for and why.

My goal of the week – This week I’m focusing on enjoying. I’m going to try to disconnect all the Christmas madness and just enjoy. It’s my birthday on Wednesday and I’m planning on milking it as much as possible.

My dream this week – We are dreaming of buying the flat at the top of our house. At the moment we own the basement, ground and first floor. If we could buy the top floor flat then we would have the option to connect them all together and end up with a 5-bedroom house without even having to move. How brilliant would that be?!

My vision of the week – “Dropping off Ace to stay with Garth’s parents and heading off to the hospital to meet our 5th (Olive counts as a part the family) little family member. A planned c-section – wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am.”

I had such a long, hard and crappy birth with Ace. It all ended in a c-section anyways, so in the end, I basically had two births. I had a gut feeling that c-section would have been the right option through all of my pregnancy, but the midwives talked me out of it. That won’t happen again. I mean, we are definitely not looking to get pregnant anytime soon, and who knows if we even can have another child. But if we do, I’m happy to have made this hard decision already.

mindful monday

My focus this week – All on me this week. Ego, right?! But it is, in fact, my birthday and since I’m having to go to lots of doctors appointments for scans and stuff I think I deserve a bit of extra TLC.

The event of the week –My birthday of course! I’m having a cozy brunch with Garth and I have also booked in a mani/pedi. Then on the weekend, he is whisking me away to a secret location (close-ish to London) for a mini-holiday. Ace is coming with us, we are not really ready to leave him with anyone for a weekend yet.

My lesson from last week – I’m stronger and calmer than I used to be. I was such a neurotic mess in my 20s, probably as a result from my crazy childhood. But these days I feel incredibly zen and few things can disturb my circles. It’s a great asset as a mother.

This week’s everyday luxury – This whole week is luxury” I have a great fun dinner event to go to tonight, my birthday, and a mini vacay over the weekend. Could it get any better? I feel spoilt already.

My weekly inspiration – I’m going to have to watch 5 foot 2 again. I just find her such an inspiration in life. If you haven’t watched it, please do. She is a very impressive woman. (BTW don’t forget to donate a pound or two to Wikipedia this week. We all want to keep it non-commercial, don’t we? It would be a shame to see it turned into a money making machine.)

Do you have a vision, goal, inspiration, and lesson to share this week?

vision, goal, inspiration, and lesson this week

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  1. I love how you set these intentions weekly, I will have to do that myself. My goal right now is to just be really present in the moment and not fret about future plans or to do lists.

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