Is Peggy Porschen the world’s most photographed café?

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Suede jacket – Asos Design, headband – Calvin Klein, jumper – (old), jeans – J.Brand, boots – Kurt Geiger (old). (adlinks). Location – Peggy Porschen. Photographer – Ida Zander

Peggy Porschen must be the world’s most photographed café? Well, at least London’s.

I have been with my photographer Ida at least 5 times since they opened. (Check out here, here and here.)

They got a winning concept when it comes to marketing. It’s so simple and genius. They just make sure the place is so pretty and Insta friendly that all the influencers want to come and shoot at the café. Then all their followers will see the photos and want to take their own. It’s the perfect way to get free advertising.

…and it really does work. I have never seen Peggy empty. If I owned a café I would copy paste completely. My place would be crazy photogenic and I would just have to sit back and watch the magic happen (or maybe bake a cake or two, so I would have something to actually sell…)

snowman cupcake

There are a few similar places around. Like Élan café. But what Peggy does differently is that they change their amazing decoration in the front with every season and if there is an important holiday. (Their valentines “outfit” is a favorite of mine). Then, of course, all the influencers have to come back to take new photos and guess what the followers do… I mean, it’s frikkin clever. Well played Peggy Porschen!

Of course, they wouldn’t be able to keep momentum up if the stuff they actually sell isn’t up to scratch. The cupcakes, cakes, cookies and hot chocolates are not only super pretty, but they are also yummy too. I have to admit, it’s quite pricey. Considering the experience I really don’t mind paying a little bit more. I personally think it’s worth it since it really brightens my day every time I go. You can’t put a price on happiness!

There is always a queue outside of Peggy. Actually, there are two queues. One to get a table (preferably outside, close to the entrance) and one to just take photos at the door. It doesn’t cost anything to take a photo or two, but personally, I think it would be pretty bad manners to not at least get a takeaway coffee or cupcake.

Peggy Porschen winter decoration - the world's most photographed café

Even the inside is really lovely. Very pastel and a bit dreamy. It might not change as often as the front, but it’s still as Instafriendly as they come.

Also, the whole street seems to have got the memo. There are loads of really pretty shop-fronts around. It’s basically heaven for an influencer doing a shoot.

If you haven’t been to Peggy Porschen yet, then I think it’s worth a visit. At least to just take a photo by that famous door. Yes, you will have to stand in line and you will have an audience watching you the whole time. But it’s worth it.

What do you think? Is it the world’s most photographed café? Can you think of similar places in other parts of the world?

the world's most photographed café


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