Inspiration – Wrapping the Christmas gifts (This year I will make an effort!)

wrapping the Christmas gifts

Every year I promise myself that I’m going to be wrapping the Christmas gifts really pretty. Just like the fabulous people on Pinterest and Instagram do. 

Still, I end up last minute sloppily wrapping gifts in a hurry with whatever tacky Santa-paper I could find in Sainsbury’s. It’s sooo embarrassing. I love being creative and to make pretty things. Why do I always leave it soo late?

So this year I’m promising myself to not only to give myself some allocated time for wrapping. I’m also going to do my research on paper, colors, ideas, and designs. I’m going all in with a proper wrapping extravaganza. (There might have to be some mulled wine, Christmas songs, and gingerbread cookies involved…).

I put loads of energy into decorating the tree, so why do I always let myself down with the wrapping? Isn’t it a lot nicer to get a pretty looking gift than one that is just wrapped to hide whatever is inside? It’s defo nicer to give a gift that looks nice. (Well, I guess kids just want to know what’s inside straight away and want the path of least resistance.)

I actually just stopped writing mid-post and spent 20 minutes researching paper, ribbon, and decorations. I even put a fairly expensive order in… so now I have committed for real. I’m going for paper in gold, silver and dark blue. I’m thinking to use a few twigs and stuff from nature and I’m going to try to find a pretty pen to write on the gifts with. (If I dare to subject anyone to my horrendous handwriting).

If I feel really brave I might even try to make some differently shaped gifts. Why do they all need to be square anyway? Maybe a star-shape like in the photo? That’s cute and different. Worth a try at least!

Hm.. maybe I should look for some tiny bells, a feather or two and maybe research some kind of creative way to make name tags? Maybe you guys have some fun suggestions?

Ok, now I have hyped this up totally.

I’m going to give myself performance anxiety and all my gifts will look like a “nailed” it gag from Pinterest. But at least I have blocked off a date in my calendar and I have some nice wrapping stuff. I promise to show you the result no matter what.

Now the tricky thing is how to transport those gorgeous looking, expertly wrapped gifts to the family in Sweden…

Do you care about wrapping the Christmas gifts in a specific way?

The photos are from – here, here, here, here, here och here


  1. This has to be the most boring post you have done to date ! Your posts are getting very dull I used to read them with work colleagues with interest but now – a post about wrapping gifts ??

    1. I’m sorry you find this post boring. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we are all different people with different interests. I obviously care about the aesthetics of wrapping gifts, you might not. I’m sure there are things you care for that I rather not read about. It would be incredibly hard to tailor a blog to every single reader. In a blog’s nature, not every post will be to everyone’s taste. Luckily I do update 5 times a week, so there should hopefully be something else coming up that you might enjoy more.

      1. Agree with vesper, maybe you Can add a like/ dislike button to get a better indication of what posts are interesting?

      2. Wow, you found this important enough to comment on it on both the Swedish (twice!) and English blog? That’s dedication if anything. Thank you for pushing me to become a better blogger.

  2. Every year I choose a style and a theme and wrap presents accordingly – it’s definitely an artform but the time invested is always worth the smile on their faces! xx Bry Jaimea |

  3. I care about wrapping my gifts in a pretty fashion – so I understand where this post came from. I find that if I wrap as I buy, I’m more inclined to make them pretty. For the past couple of years, I just use white kraft paper (be warned – the boxes underneath can peek through) and pretty ribbon.

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