A quick rant about anxious trends

a quick rant about anxious trends

Dress – Mango, belt – Saint Laurent (via Vestiaire Collective), boots – Kurt Geiger (very old). (adlinks) Photographer- Ida Zander.

I got this lovely skinny belt by Saint Laurent at Vestiaire Collective the other day. It’s exactly the kind of detail that will make an outfit really special. And I will be able to use it forever since it’s not really a trend-led piece. 

I will wear it with dresses, jumpsuits, and blazers, clinching in the waist. I will also wear it with jeans, but then on the hip. It’s small and discreet but can lift an outfit in a second.

I love belts, they are basically outfit magic. Jeans and a t-shirt is awesome, but jeans, t-shirt, and a belt are stratospheric. Same when it comes to blazers, a belt is an ultimate cherry on top.

tess montgomery mango dress

However, I did come off belts totally a while ago. I only started wanting to wear them again recently. I’m blaming those damn Gucci belts that habited EVERY hip on Instagram this spring. It was one of those “anxious” trends. Like everyone got massive FOMO.

Don’t get me wrong. I love trends and I think it’s so important to get inspired to try new things. But a trend should be explored, made individual and be played with. Not just copy paste. And when it comes to one piece from one brand, maybe even in one color. Well, that’s my idea of a fashion nightmare. It might sound harsh, but I find it pretty single-minded and boring.

In high school, it was the Adidas trousers, Canada Goose jackets and buffalo shoes. (Well, at least in Sweden where I grew up). These days its Gucci belts and I guess every it-bag ever made…

If I see someone walking down the street dressed in something I’m also wearing. I wouldn’t say I would be embarrassed, but I would find it unusual. Imagine then seeing 10 as soon as you step outside your door. It would be hard to feel like you have an original personal style, no?

mango zig zag dress

This is why I don’t like “anxious” trends. We are so much more creative than to just follow the masses peeps!

I rather am completely “out”, than totally “in”, if you know what I mean. An army of clones walking down the street does nothing for creativity and inspiration.

Normally I’m never one to diss anything when it comes to fashion. I’m very much a “you do you” kind of girl. But these anxious trends grinds my gears. Mainly because the items usually are really expensive and once they are out they are out. What a waste of money!

I wonder what the next anxious trends will be? What do you think? Or maybe you can remember another exact item that everyone wore at the same time?

*And if you own one of those Gucci belts, now it’s the time to wear it. Now when its out, but not for long enough to be in again. Wear it with pride in the fact that you are swimming up the stream!

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