Mindful Monday 3rd December – mantra, vision, affirmation, focus, and event this week

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IIK, I’m so excited for Christmas! Still, every year I feel like December just sneaks up on me and yells “SURPRISE”!

It’s the most fun month, but also the most stressful. I always know it’s coming, but I’m never really truly prepared. So the 1st of December I always feel this little pang of anxiety. There is just sooo much to do!

So I do what I always do when I feel a little stressed, I make lists.

I divide things in “important”, “urgent”, “small tasks” and “big tasks”. It’s important to remember that something urgent doesn’t always have to be important and the other way around. Once I have all my tasks in order and a plan on when and where I’m sorting it all out. I can relax again.

The first thing on my list is to dress the Christmas tree this afternoon. We got it yesterday and we have put the lights on, but I want Ace to help me decorate, so I waited until today. Let’s just hope he won’t break too many baubles…

And then tomorrow I’m heading into town to Liberty. I need to do a rekkie for Garth’s Christmas gift and also get the chocolate for our advent calendar. I’m a bit late with that one…I go every year to get some really nice choccies and to buy a decoration or two from their Christmas department. It has become a bit of a tradition.

Mindful Monday Tess Montgomery

This is my mantra, vision, affirmation, focus, and event this week.

My mantra this week – “Let that shit go”. When you have tried everything, looked at it from every angle and done your absolute best. It’s enough and time to move on. To put any more energy or thought power into it is just a waste, so just let that shit go. I try to visualize putting it into a box, stamp it with the word  “done” and put it in my brain archive. I’m a visual person and this little exercise helps me to let go and be able to move forward.

My affirmation this week – “Don’t count the days, make every day count”. I like to rush forward at high speed in life. It’s great, but not always. Especially now when I have a little mini-person, I feel that it’s important to stop and enjoy the moment. He literally grows and changes every week and he will never be as little as he is right now.

This was all at the forefront of my mind this morning at 4am. I had a sleeping Ace on my shoulder, rocking him back and forth slowly. He had a nightmare and woke up crying hysterically. Right then and there I had a choice. I could be annoyed and long to be back in my bed, or I could just enjoy the moment. His little breaths against my neck, the little hand clutching my t-shirt and his lovely soft baby smell. He is such a tall boy, I won’t be able to rock him like that for much longer, soon this moment in our lives will be a thing of the past. So I decided to rock him for a little bit longer, just because I could. I will be able to sleep as much as I fancy when he is older.

My goal this week – I’m bringing Christmas to our house. Garth is in Amsterdam until Wednesday and I’m on my own with Olive and Ace. To be completely honest I kind of enjoy a bit of time on my own now and then. Garth is quite messy (sorry baby!) and the house is so nice and clean when he is away. A perfect opportunity for me to decorate and make lots of plans. Don’t get me wrong, Garth is the yin to my yang, I’m not good when I have too much control and could easily border on OCD.

My dream this week – I dream of reaching even more people through the blog and Instagram. Too many influencers have loads of followers and do nothing but make money out of it. I want to try to actually make a change. To inspire people to take care of their mental and physical health through mindfulness. (In a “non-foil-hat” kind of way). I want to make people understand that you don’t have to be ill mentally to need tools to feel good.

I’m hoping I’m already reaching fairly wide and inspiring a few people on the way. But I feel that we could do so much more. There are all these tricks and paths of thinking that can lighten the load in our everyday lives drastically. Especially for us in the whole social media circus that is such a big part of society today. So many pressures and too much anxiety.

Mindfulness to me is to take an everyday approach to really caring for our mental health, body, and soul. If not to treat, to prevent. 

Forever New sequin dress

My vision this week – A 10-year old Ace casually carving his way down a slope in the alps. I love skiing, hey I’m a Swede after all! I taught Garth how to ski when we met and he is a pretty decent skier these days. I would love for Ace to be just as comfortable in the slopes as we are. I think it might be a little bit too early to start this season but next year when he is 2.5 years old I hope he will be ready. And of course, he can choose to snowboard if he so wishes… (even tho skiing is way cooler if you ask me)

My focus this week – Getting my shit together for Christmas and to decorate the house. Ace is getting 3 molars at the moment, so his sleep is a bit on and off at night. So my plan is to be in bed by 10 pm everything this week. Then I know I will have enough energy during the days. Tonight I’m ordering some Poké and finishing off my lists and all plans for Christmas before I hit the hay early.

The event this week – On Friday it’s time for my modeling agency’s yearly Christmas party. I haven’t done any work for them yet this year. I’m waiting to do a test shoot for my portfolio or two before I feel ready to head out to see clients at castings again. Ray at MOT is keeping an eye open for a suitable photographer I can shoot with and then hopefully get going again with modeling in the new year.

mindful monday

My lesson from last week – To not get intimidated. Authority is often an illusion. And worth challenging if you know that you are in the right. I took on someone who is only used to get the answer “How high?”. I put my foot down and I didn’t let them intimidate me. This person has no actual power over me, so why would I let them treat me badly? I feel so much stronger now when I drew the line and didn’t allow them to make me feel small.

My everyday luxury this week – Since Garth is away I will make sure to have early dinners and go to bed at 10 pm. My plan is to re-charge my batteries. And I’m also looking forward to having our big bed all to myself. Well, until early morning when Olive decides it’s time to jump up for a cuddle and a snooze.

The inspiration of the week – Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming”. Now I have to admit I haven’t read it yet (I have asked for it for Christmas). But my friend Niamh gave me the advice to get it as an audiobook since it’s Michell herself who reads it. I have a feeling it will be highly inspirational. It’s only the most hyped book of the year. Have you read or listened to it yet?

What is your mantra, vision, affirmation, focus, and event this week

Dress – Forever New, (adlink) heels – Jimmy Choo (my wedding shoes!). Location – Beulah London. Photo – Ida Zander


  1. Diana Chick

    I found you just when I needed you. I believe you will make a difference in someone’s life. Starting with me. I woke up feeling very overwhelmed.i have to learn to let it go.

    1. Thank you, what a lovely comment! It made my day soo much better knowing my blog had a positive impact on someone <3

  2. I wish I saw this article earlier. I know been these on and off relationship with this guy I’m not even sure I love because of silly misunderstanding. We always quarrel over little things and guess what we’ve the same kind of personality which Sucks really and it makes it difficult to listen or try to understand each other

    1. I think the “I’m not sure I love” bit is the important one here. Why keep the door closed to others if he is not end game? Just a thought… <3

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