Review – “The Solution” collagen powder 2 months later

oslo skin lab collagen powder the solution

I have been trying out this super exciting collagen powder by Oslo Skin Lab called”The Solution” for two months now. And I feel like I know enough about it to give you guys a proper review.

You can find my first blog post about “The Solution” here. 

Basically, I have been drinking a collagen powder every morning with my glass of water. It’s completely free of any flavor and it has been soo easy to just throw in the powder and down the glass that I haven’t missed one single morning so far. You can, of course, add it to food or anything else you fancy if you prefer. But to me, my morning glass of water is quite the ritual, so it’s the perfect time for me not to forget.

I really love that I don’t have to swallow any pills or mix it with other stuff to hide any yucky tastes. Apart from putting a cream on my face, I think this is probably the easiest way to ingest a beauty product.

review collagen powder

The collagen Oslo Skin Lab is using is called Verisol. It’s a hydrolyzed collagen with a peptide size that is just small enough for the body to be able to absorb it into the blood. The size of the peptide really matters since a too large size will only get broken down in the stomach. Collagen helps keep the skin supple and increases the elasticity.

It’s important to know that this is an animal product. So if you are a vegan or vegetarian, then it might not be for you. I personally eat meat and think bone-broth is the bomb, so I have no problem with collagen from animals. If anything I’m happier the more of the animal that gets used.

review collagen powder

The first thing I noticed drinking this collagen powder is that water feels “softer”. I have problems with an old stomach ulcer that flairs up now and then and I feel that The Solution kind of settles it a bit. I know it’s a bit of a weird result, but I really like it.

The second thing that surprised me is that it has had an effect on my chicken skin on the back of my arms. It slowly started going away and now, 2 months later it’s completely gone. I have always hated those little bumps so I would continue with The Solution only based on this.

The third and biggest change I have noticed is that my skin is now super soft. I thought it was smooth before, but now it’s velvety smooth like a babies bottom. And it has a lovely glow too! I have to admit I was pretty skeptical at first. But now I’m hooked, this actually works!

I love that this is a beauty product that has an effect on all my body. We tend to focus mainly on our faces, so its great to give some love to all my skin.

the solution collagen powder by oslo skin lab

I have been wearing a lot less makeup lately. This is actually one of the few times when I have put up a blog post up where I’m not wearing even the smallest bit of makeup. I literally just woke up, brushed my teeth, put my hair in a bun-thingie, made some breakfast and took the photos. You can see on my eyes that I’m not quite awake yet. I feel that this is the most honest picture I can ever give you of my skin.

It’s nothing like the “Dynasty-I-woke-up-with-3-sets-of-fake-lashes” I see everywhere.

Natural beauty is my thing. I want to enhance what I got instead of hiding what I don’t like. I believe strongly in putting down the groundwork with my skin, instead of covering up and changing. Having healthy skin is of utmost importance to me.

At the moment I feel that my skin looks better than it has in years. It’s plump, soft and has a healthy glow. I have changed a few things in my skincare routine recently, but I’m convinced that The Solution is a contributing factor.

the solution collagen powder

I’m lucky to say that I don’t have a lot of wrinkles yet. But the collagen can also help to prevent those fine lines to appear for a bit longer. It’s clever to treat both the inside and the outside, to make sure to get the best result possible.

There are studies that support that Versiol can help to make cellulite less visible. I got quite a lot of those horrible little dimples when I was pregnant (I gained 16 kg) but as I lost the baby weight, the little pesky cellulite actually started to go away. I have been through quite a body-journey in the last year. So I’m not the best person to try out the cellulite effect on. But I would be very interested to hear the results from some else who has tried The Solution.

Could a collagen powder be the answer to the eternal question of what actually works for cellulite?

collagen powder

In the photo below you can see exactly what my skin looks like today. I still have a few spots of pigmentation on my forehead and on my top lip from pregnancy. I also have a cluster of broken capillaries on my cheek. But apart from this, my skin feels smooth, even and well moisturized. I have a natural sheen already when I wake up in the morning and I haven’t used foundation since before the summer.

Btw…do any of you get an Einstein-like appearance every time you wash your hair? All my little baby hairs stand right out and my hubby laughs at me in the morning. 

So if you would to ask me if I will continue with The Solution, my answer would be – Absolutely. I wouldn’t want to give up my new velvety soft skin and I really don’t want that chicken skin back on my arms. I know I will be very grateful to myself next summer if my skin looks as nice as it does right now. I just have to convince one of my sisters to send the boxes to me here in London. Or at least hold on to them until I get over there and can collect.

Unfortunately, Oslo skin lab doesn’t ship to the UK yet. But you guys who do live in a country they support, you can get a pretty decent subscription of the good stuff.

I’m normally not a fan of subscriptions. But when it comes to a product I will be taking daily, I know I like and I know I need to keep going with to make sure the results last. Then I think it’s pretty smart. Especially since you end up with quite a discount.

At the moment you get a 65% discount on the first shipment of boxes and then 30% off any after that if you choose to subscribe. Of course, you can stop the subscription at any time and you even have a 14 day cooling off period. Find more information about the offer here (click)

the solution by oslo skin lab

This post is a collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab


  1. I swear by collagen supplements – definitely the best beauty secret out there! xx

    1. I’m really starting to believe in it myself. Also, I think the cellulite thing is real, because mine are almost gone!

  2. Collagen is very effective for skin beauty, very useful for human.

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