A red dress with fringes & How to survive the work Christmas party

Red dress with fringes – Oasis, heels – Guiseppe Zanotti, bag – Chanel. (adlinks) Location – Coppa club. Photographer – Ida Zander.

 Can you believe it’s almost December already?

Queue the mad parade of Christmas parties/drinks/get-togethers that ends with a big bang at New Year’s Eve. Lots of alcohol and many outfits.

By some reason, you have to see everyone you know in that one month before Christmas. It’s like the world is going to end, when in fact we are just having a week or so off and then it will all go back to normal again.

Work Christmas parties can be such a can of worms. It could be fun to get to cut loose a bit with your work colleagues. Or it can go terribly wrong. There is a certain risk in mixing alcohol, Christmas feelings and work colleagues. Especially when the whole shabang is free.

There is always that one person who gets waaay too drunk, someone will turn up in an inappropriate outfit, you will find Jane and Pete from accounting making out in the closet, endless ugly Christmas jumpers and heavy deep talks towards the early morning,

You usually keep a certain distance from your work colleagues. Sure some would probably be categorized as “friends”, but not all. To party on such an intimate level with people you haven’t really chosen to be friends with could be a bit nerve-wracking and also kind of exciting.

All those little irritations, tensions, innocent flirting that has built up over the year. Mix that with alcohol and the fact that you probably don’t know each other very well. And you got a bit of a pressure-cooker of a situation.

There is a good reason why they make funny tv of Christmas parties. 

I myself only have the modeling agency’s Christmas party to go to. And that comes with its own set of challenges. Bookers, clients, tipsy male models… you can imagine. But I end up having loads of fun every time.

How? I Follow these 4 simple rules;

1. I drink a maximum of 2 drinks ( and I pay to get the nice champagne)
2. I wear something elegant and appropriate
3. I, like Cinderella, leave before midnight
4. I mingle and talk to as many people as possible.

I don’t see a work Christmas party as the time to go all in and party like there is no tomorrow. Even if it’s a free bar. Instead, I take the opportunity to work on my relationships and to network, mingle and show that I’m a part of the team. As soon as I feel that the mood shifts and things get a bit looser, I’m in a cab on my way home.

I love to hear all the gossip later. I just won’t be the person they talk about.

This red dress with fringes is a fun and appropriate outfit for a work Christmas party. It’s dressed up, but not over-dressed. Fun and festive, but not too sexy. The fringes and the color make it perfect for the season.

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  1. These are great tips. I too have see holiday parties get WAY out of hand. My rule of thumb is also wear something my dad would approve of. Also, most people won’t care what’s in your glass, so I’m ok with club soda and lime for most of the night.

    1. ooo clever tip! I will keep that in mind in the future

  2. How size dress you have?

    1. I think this one was a size UK6.

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