Mindful Monday – mantras, goals, vision, affirmations, and focus this week

Hello friends! How are you? Did you have a nice weekend?

My weekend didn’t really go to plan, but actually turned out for the best in the end.

I had a dentist appointment on Saturday. I had a loose crown that needed to be re-fitted. I’m a dentist daughter, so I really take great care of my mouth. Still, I have 2 teeth that have caused me problems since my teens. They are just sad and unhappy in general. My poor dad has fixed them over and over, but they keep breaking. So eventually about 10 years ago dad had to give me a root canal and a crown on one of them.

I thought it was going to be an easy “in-fit the crown-out” situation. However, when my new dentist checks the old tooth under, it didn’t look good. The poor guy had to give me the bad news that this tooth had done its last bit of chewing and needed to come out. (I of course double checked it with dad, x-rays and all).

I got the option of waiting a week or to extract it right away. I really didn’t even think about it and just said, “let’s do it now”. I might aswell get it done quickly right?

However, I kind of forgot that it’s actual surgery and they will be digging around inside my jawbone. So anesthetic, operation, stitches, blood, swelling, and painkillers… I was out for the rest of the weekend.

Luckily my lovely hubby took Ace on adventures both days so I could just rest up and nurse my sore jawbone. Not really the kind of weekend we had planned.

So now I have a gap and feel about 100 years old. Luckily it’s far back in my mouth and it’s only for 3 months until I get an implant fitted.

This really proves that you can just be unlucky with your teeth. Even if you take great care of them and even if your dad is a dentist. You might end up having to pull one out at some point.

At least I found a great dentist here in the UK, now when dad is retired.

After a bit of a traumatic weekend, I’m happy to start a new week with new mantras, goals, vision, affirmations, and focus.

The mantra of the week – “Thank you”. It’s pretty uncomplicated really. Thank you for my wonderful little family that makes me feel loved every day. Thank you for my amazing friends who are always there for me. Thank you for the opportunity to live in London and all that it brings. Thank you for my body, that apart from some tummy issues and now a bad tooth, is pretty healthy all in all. Thank you for my exciting job that I really love. Thank you!

The affirmation of the week  – “I’m getting stronger and healthier every day”. It’s crazy how much healthier I am since I stopped breastfeeding, got rid of the breast abscess and the hormones went away. I feel more filled with energy every morning. At the moment Ace is sleeping full night, sometimes even 7-9 (!) So my sleep has really been boosted. If I continue feeling this goof, then I’m pretty sure my tummy will sort itself out too. Go body!

The goal of the week – I want to buy 90% of my Christmas gifts on cyber week or Black Friday deals.

Dream of the week – Wouldn’t it be amazing with our very own chef? One that knew nutrition and could tailor meals that would suit us perfectly. Garth does Crossfit 3-4 days a week and cycles to and from work. I get maybe 2 sessions of yoga in a week and a bit of everyday exercise. So we do have completely different nutritional needs.

We have tried a few of those services that deliver your food to your home or gym, but honestly, most of them are pretty grim.

Vision of the week – I’m getting more and more zen every year. I have this visoon of myself in my 50s, with long grey hair, meditating on a becah somewhere warm. Calm as a cucumber and with a smile on my lips. Completely content to just be still for a while. My gloal in life is to be calm, content and most importantly of all happy.  (and I want this hair please)

Focus of the week–  I want to get my diet right. Now after 3 days of only having soup and yoghurt. I feel like I have a pretty clean start. We are very good at buying organic, and I only have a bit of dark chocolate if I crave something sweet. I get juices and kefir instead of naughty stuff when I’m out and about . We ahve also exchanged a lot of our red meat for wild meat like venison and duck. My next goal is to have one veggie dinner a week. I think it would have to be a pasta for Garth to actually go for it. Maybe one of you have a recipe to share?

I wish we had a veggie restaurant here in Clapham…

The event of the week – Black Friday haha. I get a bit overexcited when it comes to finding the best deals and discounts. It’s almost sport to find items I will buy no matter what, at a discounted price. I almost get a bit competitive.

My lesson from last week – Sometimes it’s better to make a quick decision. If I would have waited with the tooth extraction for another week. I would probably have gotten quite nervous about the whole thing. I would have googled way too much (and everyone knows that all things on google lead to cancer or death). An intuitive quick decision is most of the time the better decision.

This week’s everyday luxury – Our lovely friend Amy borrowed Olive over the weekend. And as a thank you, she sent us some of her homemade chocolates.  She is a raw-chocolate-chef and her creations are unreal. By far the tastiest chocolate I have ever had.

The inspiration of the week – A kind reader told me to check out “Explained” on Netflix and I spent the sholw weekend watching it back-to-back. The episodes are short and explain things like cryptocurrency and blockchain, talk about K-pop and even why women make less money than men. It’s fascinating!

Have you decided on your mantras, goals, vision, affirmations, and focus this week?

Photo – Ida Zander

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