Mindful Monday 12th November

Jumper – New Look, scarf – Stitch & Pieces, trousers – similar here (adlinks) Location – Minnow Clapham. Photo – Ida Zander

Hello lovelies! So this morning we woke up to the sound of drops of water hitting the wooden floor in the hallway…

The water was coming from the door frame to Ace’s nursery, such a random place. It turns out that the flat on top, not our rental flat above us, but the one over. Had a leak in their bathroom. So It has flooded both of our flats. I think our wall should be ok, Garth ran up and stopped the leak pretty quickly. It has however affected the electric wiring in the bathroom in our flat above. Water and electricity is never a good mix. So annoying!

I’m so lucky to have a man that is good at DIY (Or had thumbs as my dad likes to say) or the damage would have been a lot worse.

In these kinds of situations you can really chose how to react. In the end it’s an accident and a bit of bad luck. So noting to get stressed over. Stress only serves a purpose if it can add something to the situation. With these “spilled milk” kind of things, there is nothing we can do but to fix the damage. Sure it’s not ideal. But not worth getting stressed over.

It’s really important to be in charge of our stress and to make sure we don’t get upset and stressed out when we don’t need to. So I choose not to spend brain capacity and energy at getting too worried about this situation.

These are my goals, dreams, vision, and affirmation this week;

My mantra of the week– “You can only do so much”. We can’t control everything in life and we also can’t go back in time. In the end, very few things and events are truly bad because they often lead us to the next good thing. I have had several “bad things” in my life, but I wouldn’t change any of them. Because they brought me here and I would never want to change that.

My affirmation of the week –” Thank you universe for all the positive things in my life I don’t know about yet”. I find life incredibly exciting. It’s like we are constantly standing in front of a set of doors, we chose one and end up in front of another set of doors. A small step in the other direction and the whole future will change. I always wonder what cool and exciting things are lurking behind the next set of doors.

My goal of the week – It’s time to have a planning week again. Christmas is coming around faster and faster every year. How can that even be possible? I need to sit down, put together y to-do list (Xmas gifts, decide where to be when, book tickets etc). Now it’s the perfect time to get a bit of an overview and then go all-in until Christmas.

This week’s dream – I’m dreaming of bringing help along on holiday. It would be amazing to get to have a grown-up dinner or two without having to think about bed-time or have an over-tired baby in the buggy. I don’t think I could ever trust someone I don’t know personally to look after him. But I do dream of a lie in for the both of us, at the same time! Maybe even a couples massage…

My vision of the week – I’m itching to decorate again and I would love to move bigger soon. I’m seeing a large Victorian house with high ceilings, wooden floors, a working fireplace, kitchen island, walk-in closet and a room for me to use as an office.

This week’s focus – Christmas! I want my gifts picked and ready for Black Friday. It will make the whole process seamless and I will hopefully save a bit of cash too.

The event of the week – I’m going to a lovely event hosted by my friend Hanna on Thursday and then on Friday I’m having my second session of Acupuncture. I’m hoping to feel a bit more this time… maybe I will ask for a few more needles because I didn’t really notice much last time?

My lesson from last week – Garth and I need more couple time. Friday we ended up at Tsunami here in Clapham for sushi and drinks and had a great time. We both realized how much we have missed each-others company. So we have decided to make it a regular occurrence every other week from now on.

This week’s everyday-luxury – I really love Jo Malones scents and I often wear my wedding perfume “Lime blossom”. I’m keen on trying out another one of her perfumes. Maybe I should get “Lime Basil & Mandarin” or “English Pear & Freesia”  as a little gift to myself?

My weekly inspiration – We ended up watching “Follow this” on Netflix yesterday and got totally stuck. The episodes are really short and cover everything from influencers and the scooter craze to modest fashion and sex dolls. Some episodes are more inspiring than others and some are just WTF. But all in all very interesting.

What’s your goals, dreams, vision, and affirmation this week?

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