Mood board – My Christmas decorations 2018

My post yesterday left me with a really lovely excitement for Christmas. So I couldn’t help myself but start researching and mood boarding my Christmas decorations 2018.

Around this time of year, I always wish I lived in a big old building with lots of stone, wood, exposed beams and a massive fireplace (or two..I’m dreaming right?). It would be the perfect kind of house to decorate for Christmas.

Even though I only want two kids of my own, I love the idea of a house filled to the brim with children for Christmas. It’s really the most magical time for children and I love the look on their faces when they open their gifts. Luckily Ace already have 4 cousins, and I would be surprised if there won’t be at least as many more in the future.

Xmas really is the time for family.

I want my decorations to make the house feel warm and cozy, but also magical and kind of messy.

This year I fancy lots of natural materials like wood, pine, wool, sheepskins and lots of wax candles for my decorations. I really love white for Christmas, I think it’s because I’m missing the white snow in Sweden and want to bring the feeling of all the icy brightness inside.

I don’t mind my decorations to be a bit over the top. The table in the middle of the mood board is perfection according to me. I don’t need a lot of colors, just a lot of detail. White, grey, gold and silver is enough.

In our next house, I dream of a massive table so we can host big dinners. Preferably a dining room. I also miss having a guest bedroom for friends and family to be able to stay over.

As you might have noticed, I find all of this incredibly fun and to get to be creative with decoration is at least half the fun of Christmas. I really hope Ace will grow up feeling as excited about Christmas as I do every year.

Now when I got my mood board, I’m ready to browse my Christmas decorations 2018. Do you think these kinds of things go on sale on Black Friday too? That would be terribly practical.

What will your Christmas decorations 2018 look like? Do you find it as exciting to decorate as I do?

All pictures are by The White Company.

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