Time to buy Christmas gifts – Inspiration for her

Inspiration & Ideas – Smythson, earrings – Jil Sander, cardholder – Prada, gloves – Johnstons of Elgin, scarf – Filippa K, wallet – Kurt Geiger, cashmere slippers – Soft Goat, scented candles – Diptyque. (adlinks)

I know it feels like summer just ended, but it is in fact November. So it’s about time to buy Christmas gifts. 

I really can’t be bothered going to the shops. So these days I do all my Xmas shopping online. At home, on my sofa, dressed in a robe with a nice warm cup of tea.  Thank god for online shops!

When I’m extra organized I make sure to have picked everything I want to get early. So that I can have my shopping finger ready the same second as the Black Friday sales start on the 23rd of November.

That means starting to browse and make decisions now. So that I know exactly what to get. It’s by far the easiest and most cost-efficient way to do Christmas shopping according to me.

When I get gifts for my family or friends I try to think about what I would like to get for myself. Then I twist and turn it to make it suit their style and needs. Some people prefer a wish list. Personally, I think they are great for young people who need certain things and might not be able to afford it. But when you are older it’s so much nicer just to let your family and friends get you something personal they have picked for you.

You can always safe-up with gift receipts and in worst case even gift cards. I would never want a gift to stay unused in a cupboard somewhere.

What do you think? Wishlist or not and are you allowed to exchange gifts you don’t like?

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