Mindful Monday 5th November

Hello, Monday and Hello the first week of November! Can you believe it’s only 2 months left until Xmas? Crazy!

I absolutely adore Christmas, so I love to have such a nice time to look forward to. It’s getting quite chilly now. I just stocked up with loads of merino-wool underlayers for Acie-face. I’m going to order his winter overall this week and on Thursday I’m going to go hunting for proper winter boots for him.

I’m really particular with warm winter clothes. I absolutely hate freezing, so I always dress warm and know every trick in the book. I always wear a base layer if it’s less than 5°C out. I wouldn’t be able to be outside otherwise. Brrr!

These are my affirmations, mantra, dreams, and vision of the week. 

My mantra this week– “Focus on one thing at the time”. Even though multitasking is great, I don’t feel like it’s the most efficient use of my time. I need to really just zone in on one task and shut the rest of the world out until I’m done. Preferably without any breaks or interference. That’s by far when I get the most done in the shortest amount of time.

My affirmation this week– “I know my worth”. We are really good at undervaluing ourselves. And as soon as we do, someone will take advantage. Especially in this business, it’s super important to know your worth. I don’t know any other business when you get asked to work for free as often as in blogging and modeling. And it doesn’t make any sense at all! I would never ask my banker to work for the “honor” of serving me or the corner shop to give me free food (and maybe I will pay for something next time.) I also wouldn’t expect my hairdresser to give me a free haircut so I could make sure it gets the reaction I want from my friends so I might pay for it next time. (But probably won’t, I’ll just go to another hairdresser and do the same…)

If we don’t know our own worth, how can we expect others to?

My goal this week – This week I’m going to work on something as boring, but important as sleep. We had a bit of a chaotic sleep-weekend. The room we stayed in was really cold and Ace couldn’t settle in all of his extra layers of clothing. So, in the end, I took him downstairs ( to not wake the other kids), put him on a sheepskin and myself on the floor with a coat as my only blanket. I was cold to the bones and slept maybe 2 hours all night.

Garth told me to put my earplugs in last night and he would do Aces 05.30 bottle. So I actually had 8h unbroken sleep. It was amazing, but I need more to catch up. So we will be on Ace duty every other night this week.

My dream this week – My own little team! I dream of having both a photographer and an assistant working with me full-time. I think the blog world is in the middle of a shift at the moment. The quality is getting too high for people to hobby-blog anymore. We have to invest a lot more time and money into our little businesses to keep up. I think that in the end the smaller blogs will shut down and only the big ones will survive. Unfortunately.

I’m, of course, hoping to keep blogging for many more years. But I do think it will be important to have our own little teams in the future. Without the blog getting impersonal. I would still write my blog 100% myself, but I would get help with all the admin surrounding the business.

My vision of the week – We are in the Caribbean (or maybe Bali). Ace is about 5 years old, with longish blond hair, tanned skin and wearing a rash vest. He is shouting at me from his surfboard “Mom, the waves are epic, hurry up!”. I have only surfed once, but I really really loved it. So I have promised myself to learn to surf properly in the future. Garth is really sporty and I think Ace will be too, so to share surfing as an interest would be a dream. I just have to get over my shark phobia first…

My focus of the week – This week I’m focusing on health and well-being. Sleep, healthy food, yoga and de-stressing is at the top of my mind. My old stomach ulcer is playing up at the moment and I really feel the difference when I take good care of myself. I need to get to yoga haven for a stretch at least two times a week. I need to sleep well and I have to eat healthy nutritious food at set times to feel my best. We love doing lots of things all the time, but sometimes we take on a bit too much. So I’m looking forward to a really chilled week and weekend.

The event of the week – The most exciting thing I’m doing this week is to get Acie some winter boots. Exactly the level of excitement I need at the moment.

The lesson from last week – I don’t always need to be the one that washes all the clothes, pack all the bags, get Olive and Ace ready and pack the car… I always take on too much and then I wonder why I’m exhausted by the end of the day. So the lesson from last week is to allow Garth to do more.

I will always be the project manager of the family, but I don’t need to do all the tasks myself. I have to get better at delegating.

My everyday luxury this week– Ace is now sleeping for 2 hours every afternoon instead of one in the morning and one in the afternoon. So this week I will take one of these hours for myself. To read a book, take a long shower, watch some tv or just have a calm lunch on my own. Me-time every day.

My weekly inspiration – It is no surprise to me why Oprah is so popular. She is such an aspirational woman and she really knows how to inspire. This speech made me reflect on my own life.

What is your affirmations, mantra, dreams, and vision of the week? 

photo – Ida Zander

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