Have you picked your pumpkin yet?

So being Swedish and all, Halloween is still kind of new to me. Sure, we do go tricking or treating, but not at all to the same extent as in the UK.

A great tradition I have never encountered before is pumpkin picking. To be honest I wouldn’t have been able to tell you if a pumpkin grew on a bush or a tree before I  saw it with my own eyes.

It was the hubby that suggested we head to Cammas Hall farm (about an hour north of London) to pick ourselves a pumpkin or two for Halloween.  We invited Josefina and Matthew with little Leo and also Garth’s parents to join us on our pumpkin picking experience. 

Even Olive got to come, but she spent most of her time sitting in the wheelbarrow since she wasn’t allowed to roam free.

To my surprise, it was exactly what it sounded like. (I’m not sure what I expected…)We all headed out into a field to look for that perfect pumpkin. There were all kinds of sizes, colors and shapes. The smaller ones are actually squash and those were already picked and waiting in little “pumpkin pools” in hay bales. You can guess where all the babies ended up. Photo op deluxe!

Ace touched probably at least 100 pumpkins over the course of the day. He loved all the little one and shouted “BALL” non-stop. Every pumpkin needed to be picked up, and when they were too big or too heavy he let out this massive grunt and strained until he was red in his little face.

He is for sure going to be a crossfitter just like his dad. He already got the determination, strength, and interest in lifting heavy objects.

As you can see his little face is all scratched up. On Saturday when I was at the hairdresser, he was at the park with Garth. He decided to go for a little run (even though he just learned to walk) and faceplanted in the gravel. Poor pup!

He is a funny one though, he very rarely cries when he hurts himself. He truly is Garths son through and trough.

Ok, back to our pumpkin picking adventure.

We spent the whole day turning over pumpkins, comparing them and getting the most interesting shapes and colors. In the end, Ace settled for a big white pumpkin to carve and a few smaller ones for decoration. We had maybe 15 pumpkins in our wheelbarrow and we paid about £16 for all of them. I could barely get one big pumpkin for that price in town, so a massive bargain.

The smaller ones are actually pretty yummy to cook and eat. I just cut the top off, make a few cuts in the flesh or get rid of any pips and fill up with cream, garlic, and herbs before I pop them in the oven. It’s pretty tasty and looks great on the table for Halloween.

I think pumpkin picking is such a great tradition and Ace had a super fun day with his friend Leo. We will for sure do this again next year. It’s a great little outing for the whole family. We were really lucky with the weather and I truly enjoyed walking around just inhaling nature.

Poor Josefina went for the tequila shots when I opted for water the night before, so I got a feeling she didn’t quite enjoy our day out just as much as I did. I think she said all of 3 words all day. But it was her birthday, and she had great fun the night before.

Do you guys go pumpkin picking? 

My perfect jumper is by Really Wild. 

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