My beauty journey – Skin renewal micro needling with Swiss clinic

Ok, are you ready for the first product in my beauty journey? It’s a skin renewal micro needling roller from Swiss clinic.

I’m 36 years old in December (iik!) and I have always taken pretty good care of my skin. I have mainly focused on the classic skincare products and SPF. Now when I’m closing in on 40 and have gone through a pregnancy, I feel that it’s time to get on some heavier stuff. Skincare with more active ingredients, at-home treatments and also visits to the salon.

I’m such a beauty geek and I love these things. That’s why it’s my great pleasure to present this collaboration with Swiss Clinic here on the blog.

I started off by clicking this link to do a free online skin test. In order to find out what roller best suits me and my needs. My main issue is pigmentation, so through the test, I got recommended the roller with the 0.55mm needles.

I have so far only done one cycle of treatments, but I’m already noticing a real difference. Not loads on the pigmentation yet, I have a feeling it might take slightly longer. But my skin feels a lot softer, less dry and has a great glow.

It’s really clever to have a product like this at home. So I can use it whenever I want to and feel like I need it. Swiss Clinic’s product has been clinically proven to make a difference, the roller has a CE certificate and the company is a certified “safe e-commerce” brand.

I think it’s terribly exciting to see how these kinds of products and treatments actually work. As I always say “Clothes comes and goes, but our skin is with us for life. Invest in it, it’s the only one we get!”.

If you use the discount code  “TESS20” when you check out, you will get a full 20% off at Swiss Clinic. If you are a bit tempted to try at-home skin renewal micro needling!


  1. Jade Ashleigh

    Ok you convinced me … I’ve got one arriving in the next couple of days! I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m excited but slightly nervous 🙈😂 fingers crossed it sorts out my pigmentation and acne scarring 🤞xx

    1. Ooooo, let us know how you get on. I love mine! (I even use it on my stretch marks on my belly)

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