Mindful Monday 22nd October 2018

What a great weekend! Dinner, clubbing for the first time in almost 2 years, and a little road trip out to the countryside. 

Even if my weekend was busy, I feel strangely invigorated. Like I charged a different set of batteries.

Today I’m working from my little blog office at home. I was meant to have a couple of girls over to record a podcast. But one of the girls is feeling poorly, so we moved to later in the week.

I’m quite happy to be sitting here in my little corner of the nursery. I love that I get to share Aces room with him. It got such a nice harmonic feel to it. And we all know how much I love pastels…

Can you spot the little green cloud on my desk? It’s a cute little light that I’m trying to find a good spot for in his room. Isn’t it adorable?

Have you written down your focus, goal, affirmation, and mantra this week? Here are mine;

My mantra of the week – ”If I’m too comfortable, then it’s time to do something new. If I’m nervous about the next step I’m taking, then I’m on the right path”. I need challenges in my life, or I get bored. I need to push forward one week, to rest peacefully the next, go again the 3rd and evaluate and reflect the 4rth week. Otherwise, I lose my momentum.

My affirmation this week – ”Something wonderful will happen today”. Have you ever tried telling yourself exactly this in the morning? Every time I have, indeed something wonderful has happened. Maybe I’m just allowing myself to be more open to positivity, or I’m actually manifesting something wonderful to happen. Why not give it a try!

My goal this week – I’m going to sit down and make a big “master to-do list”. Everything that we need to do before Christmas will go on the list. This is so I can make action plans for everything and also see what both Garth and I can delegate. I’m thinking I might add an hour a week for our cleaner and have her do these small things I end up doing at night. Like changing bedding and towels, clearing out old food from the fridge and watering flowers. Garth is going to get help once a month for an hour or so. To do things like clearing out the basement, washing the car, organizing the garden and bits of DIY. So that finally our big to-do list can get a bit more manageable.

The dream of the week – I would love to have a PA for our home. Someone who can take over booking doctors/vet visits/school tours etc. To keep track of our calendars, friends and families birthdays, trips and meetings. So that we can focus on work and getting quality time as a family. I’m spending way to much time dealing with all these little bits and I’m starting to realize that I have to stop trying to be a superhero and just delegate.

My vision of the week – “I step into a large run-down Victorian house here in Clapham. 5 bedrooms, 3 floors, garage, big garden and a possibility to extend if needed. I call Garth and tell him I found it. Our next big project and future family home.”

The focus of the week – To delegate. My job this week is to organize all our household chores, divide them between Garth and I and delegate the rest. I need to create some kind of routine for us-time (like movie night every Tuesday) to make sure we spend some actual quality time together. I have been doing 90% of the work here at home lately since Garth has been working lots and traveling almost every week. Now it’s time to find our balance again.

The event of the week– On Sunday I’m off to Dusseldorf to shoot a catalog. I was first meant to be gone for 3 nights. But then they decided to shoot a local girl for the un-recognizable shoe pictures and I now only have to be away for one night. IT was the best possible outcome for me since I still have the blogs and want to spend as much time as possible with Ace. I haven’t been modeling since I was 8 months pregnant. IIk!

My lesson from last week– It’s fun to go out now and then! We went to a 90s hip-hop club at Ace (!) hotel for Josefina’s birthday Saturday night. I hadn’t been out-out since Ace was born and even though I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, I really enjoyed myself.

My everyday luxury this week – To read a book on the plane. I haven’t been traveling without a baby for a while. So I’m going to take the opportunity to buy a book at the airport and just lose myself in it for a few hours when I’m traveling. Maybe you have a good book to recommend?

The inspiration of the week – Vogue’s 25 Most Inspirational Women 2018 

On another note. What is the verdict on my new moving header for the blog? I personally love it and the plan is to change a few of the clips with each season. What do you think?

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