The perfect outfit for autumn (in Paris)

How gorgeous is this set by Micha Lounge? I would even go as far as to call this the perfect outfit for autumn.

Sets like these are massively “in” at the moment and you can find loads of different versions in the shops. What makes this one special is the oversized jumper and the perfect length of the skirt.

I can wear the jumper on its own with jeans and the skirt is really cute with a little lace slip top.

It’s super versatile. I have worn it with heels to events and with white sneakers out to lunch with girlfriends. Fine, it’s not the most “playing with my toddler in the park”-friendly outfit. But who cares…? It has its specific moments and I always feel amazing wearing it.

I have had loads of people stopping me on the street asking where its from and wanting to feel the material. I’m pretty sensitive so itchy fabrics and it’s really super soft. I might actually have told a few too many people because it’s already all sold out. (adlink)

Last time we went to Paris, my lovely photographer and friend Ida joined us. It was great fun to get to shoot in another city than London for a change. This location is Place Vendôme, a gorgeous square in the middle of Paris where all the jewelers have their flagship stores.

It’s not the place to go crazy with the old credit card… but window shopping is free. And some of the shops are like beautiful mini-museums. It’s a place you can’t miss when you are in Paris.

I would love to have more sets like this one. It’s such an easy wear. Anytime you go tone in tone for an outfit, it ends up looking really put together. Whites can sometimes be hard if they aren’t the same-ish shade. But with sets like these, they will automatically match perfectly.

Comfy, stylish, warm and easy to wear = The perfect outfit for autumn.

Now I just need that dove grey Max Mara coat to throw on top and I’m ready to go anywhere. 

Photo – Ida Zander.

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