Pleats Please – Why you need pleated skirts in your wardrobe right now.

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Pleated skirts has been around for a while now. But it’s only recently they are actually becoming more fun and less basic.

My favorite is when they mix colours and patterns. Even though I have to admit my pink metallic skirt is the one I by far use most often. In the summer I match it with sandals and t-shirts and now in fall, I swap for boots, jumpers, and blouses.

The pleated skirt is actually the perfect wardrobe basic to use all year around. Especially if you find a slightly longer version in “your”color. I love myself a powdery pastel. So the pink skirt in the picture above is very me. I would match it with the white top with long sleeves, the blue bag, and white booties. Such a great outfit!

Pleated skirts are also great for when you have to go from daytime to night without changing too much. Just swap flat shoes for heels, remove the jumper and wear with a cute lace top and bag. Add some lipstick et voila, you are ready for a night out.

Isn’t it interesting how red and pink used to be an absolute no-no in the olden days? And now we know they create magic together. The same with matching black with blue and brown with orange. To add little red hearts on a base of pink is genius. I would personally wear it with red boots and a big pink cozy turtleneck jumper.

Rules in fashion are always there to be broken.

Do you remember any other color combinations that you “shouldn’t” mix that actually look amazing together? 

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