My Paris Guide #4

Jumper – Neon Rose, trousers – Asos Design, heels – Pierre Hardy & bag – Chanel. (adlinks) Photographer – Ida Zander.

Now when we have been to Paris yet again, I feel like I can make a ” My Paris mini guide #4.”

We don’t really do as much eating out and touriststing when we got Ace, but we still go quite often. So it’s better than I do a few smaller guides than one big one.  Then you can just pick your favorites from all of them.

We lived – In a lovely Air BnB on Rue d’Amsterdam. you can find the ad here.  Big and old with loads of charm.

We ate – at loads of little corner restaurants for lunch. There is a street called Rue Cadet, in the 9th district. There you have little cute restaurants all the way down the road. It’s really quaint. In the evenings we ordered Deliveroo to the Air BnB, because of Ace and his bedtime.

The one night we actually went out for dinner we chose the restaurant at Grands Boulevard hotel. They make a heavenly chocolate mousse.

Vi drank – On Grands Boulevards hotel’s gorgeous little rooftop. The bar is called “The Shed” and is actually a shed. You order your drinks in the measurements “no shed” (alcohol-free), “one shed” (one shot) , “two shed” (double) or “three shed” (triple). Kind of fun and with a great atmosphere. I highly recommend a visit!

We shopped – I got a jumper from my favorite brand Maje. You can find them all over Paris, but this time I chose their shop in Montmartre since they also have a small outlet section with lots of lovely items half price.

We also had a quick look at all the lovely jewelry at the famous “Place Vendôme”. I mean, it’s crazy expensive (a girl can dream right?), but you still have to go for the experience. My favorite is the “Alhambra” shop by Van Clee and Arpels.  Then we headed down to Rue Saint Honoré and looked in shops like Max Mara and Dior.

Don’t forget to check out the beautiful little flower shop that only sells roses that’s attached to hotel Costes. 

We touristed – At the Eiffel tower. But this time we saw it from the side (like in the photos) and we also too Ace and his little friend Leon to the playground behind the Eiffel tower. The kids have never played with such a view before. It’s stunning. Defo one for the mamas. We also saw Sacre Coeur when we had a little walk around Montmartre the last morning.

This time we took it pretty chill and more tried to “live” in Paris than visit. It was really relaxed and nice. I would have liked to go to one more dinner. Next time. I got my eye on a couple of restaurants I fancy trying out.

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