The Flat Above – How I decorate with posters

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The flat above is really starting to take shape now.

As you probably know by now, we bought the flat above ours here in Clapham. We first did a fairly large renovation and now I’m decorating it. The idea is to rent it out in the future. We prefer to rent it out furnished since it gives us the option to Air BnB it in-between tenants.

At the moment our friends Bex and Luke live there with their little 1-year old boy Milo. They are renovating and extending their own flat, and is staying at ours until it’s all done. It has worked out really well, I didn’t have to rush the decorations and got all the furniture in place as they arrived.

The other weekend when Ace was sleeping, Garth and I snuck upstairs and added the finishing touches – the artwork. 

It’s meant to be a rental, so it has been important for us to keep the furniture clean, classic, tasteful and with items most people hopefully would like. We didn’t want to spend any huge sums, but still find the absolute best within our budget.

How suitable isn’t a collaboration with my beloved Desenio?  I already have lots of posters from them downstairs in our flat and I love them. They have a massive selection, and you don’t have to empty out your wallet either. Since they are fairly inexpensive I just switch them out if I get tired of them. Perfect!

Ready for loads of pictures of the flat upstairs and what I chose to put on the walls? It’s really easy to decorate with posters.

In the living room, I chose a palette of grey, petroleum, and brass. Little details like plants, tiles inside the fireplace, a big round mirror and two matching posters over the dining table make it look decorated. But also leaves room for personal touches by whoever will live here later.

The posters I chose for the living room are called “Into the blue” and “Blue tide”. 

In the UK it’s common to have hallways in our homes. In Sweden, you usually have to walk through rooms to get to other rooms. The nice things with hallways are that they are really easy to decorate. We just added a cabinet on the wall and all of a sudden we have both extra storage and a lovely surface to decorate. 

Here I chose to work with petroleum, grey, and white. I also added a few little details in a dusty pink color.

I love these little areas in a home. It’s where your personality can afford to show through in your decorations. Depending on what you choose to put in the frames and display, this space can change completely. You can also move stuff around for different seasons. 

In these frames, you find  “Dancer one”, “Pink oyster pattern one” and “Aquarelle shape” from Desenio. 

In the master bedroom, I kept the same palette, but I added navy blue and more dusty pink details. Instead of placing my artwork over the bed, I chose to hang them beside it instead. It’s a bit less expected and a lot more intersting. I love how they reflect in the mirrored wardrobe. It makes the whole room look bigger.

Flowers as a motif in a bedroom gives a nice calming effect. I love that these pictures aren’t cute but have more depth. It really works with the rest of the decor in the room.

The posters in this room are called “Spaceflower” and “Gardenflower”. 

Last but not least I added 3 posters in a row in the hallway at the entrance. It’s quite a sterile and hard space. So to add some colorful artwork here really makes a big difference to the feel of the room.

I chose more of a vintage feeling this time.

The hallway is all white and has a grey carpet, so I felt like it needed a bit of a color pop. The pictures make me want to go on holiday and I hope that the person who lives here later will love them as much as I do. Otherwise, I will steal them for the downstairs instead.

These posters are “French riviera”, “American Vintage car”, and “Pool edge”. 

…I couldn’t keep myself from getting a little something for our own flat. My little blog office really needed something inspirational on the wall. My unofficial motto is “Be water” and I really think this photo embodies this. Very inspiring!

I even ordered a few of the frames from Desenio. It was totally practical, all I had to do was to put them on the walls. Simples!

How gorgeous isn’t “Beach aerial one”?

So what do you think of the flat upstairs so far? Do you want me to show you more? It’s a bit different to decorate to rent than when you live in it yourself. 

This post is sponsored by Desenio.

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  1. Jade Ashleigh

    I’ve honestly never heard of this company but they’ve got such beautiful prints …. very tempted to invest in a few 👍

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