Mindful Monday 8th October

Dress – Asos, belt – Moschino, bag – Saint Laurent (liknande), sneakers – Adidas. (adlinks) Location – South Bank. Photographer – Ida Zander.  

Omg guys, I just had a look at my English blog and realized I only posted 2 (!) posts here last week. It’s meant to be 6!
I’m so sorry, it was just one of those weeks where I lost my life-balance. Between a sick baby and going to Paris I basically just ran out of time. Since my Swedish blog is the bigger one, I had to prioritize writing over there.
The reason I post here 6 times and on the Swedish one 9 times a week is that the blogging culture is slightly different in UK and Sweden. UK readers are more interested in learning something from a blog post, “how to” “this is why” and post in that kind of style. You guys seem to prefer to come away with something new from every post.
When I was nominated in UK blog awards I was basically told they would barely even score my blog because of the number of everyday posts I put up. And that kind of sucked.
The Swedes, on the other hand, are more interested in me as a person. They want to know what I’m up to, how my day has been and all the little things.
To solve the dilemma of the two different styles. I decided to separate the two blogs and make 6 proper posts here and 9, with a couple of more every-day posts over there.
However last week was not how it was meant to go. So please forgive me for neglecting you, my English-speaking friends. It won’t happen again.

It’s time for this week’s mantra, affirmation, dreams, and goals;

My mantra of the week – “Everything is figureoutable”. Sometimes it takes a bit of thinking, but that’s life. Most things can be solved if you really put your mind to it. If things were easy all the time, than life would be pretty boring. We would never appreciate anything because everything would be a win. So it’s worth to remember, when faced with a problem, that this is how we grow. It will, in the end, make us happier to have overcome this obstacle.

My affirmation of the week – “I’m a super-talented go-getter that never lets anything get in my way”. Let’s turn that inner critical voice into a really energetic and over-excited cheerleader. Pompoms and all! Let her jump, dance and sing every morning. It might feel a bit weird in the beginning, but at least you will start the day with a smile on your face.

My goal of the week – Balance. As mentioned, I lots it last week. First of all I need to be kinder to myself. To fee bad won’t make any difference, all I can do is to promise myself that this week will be better. I actually have an extra half-day to work on Friday, since Ace’s nursery was closed one day a few weeks ago so he will go on Friday morning too. It will be interesting to see what a few more workhours will do for my week.

My dream of the week – The Maldives. I have never been and really badly want to go. I want to live in one of those little houses on poles in the water, swim in the blue ocean and walk along those bright white beaches I would go next year if I could, but it’s probably better to wait until Ace will actually appreciate it for real.

My vision of the week – Burning man! This vision will happen, I’m going to make sure of it. I met up with my friend Tiffany and her little boy Leon in Paris. We actually know each other from LA and both of us really long to go over there with our boys. So since Tiff was the one who showed me how to sneak into Coachella, it wouldn’t be more than right for us two to leave the boys with the boys and head off to burning man for a day or two.

My focus of the week – I have to be kinder to myself. I’m always striving to do my absolute best, most of the time on the detriment of my on mental health. I need to learn how to focus on what I have accomplished and not on what I didn’t do. It’s hard to make that nagging little critical voice go away. But this week I’m really going to try to shut her down.

The event of the week– This Friday Josefina, Bex and I are heading out on the countryside to have a “mom-weekend”. We decided already when we were pregnant that we deserved some time away once the babies turned one. To celebrate that we kept them alive for a full year. Go ahead an laught. But honestly sometimes having the responsibility of another person’s life can be quite overwhelming. So we deserve a good celebration.

We are going out to Bex’s parent’s house. the plans so far is to drink wine, read books, go for walks and just talk and talk. No baby chat allowed, it’s a “baby-detox”.

My lesson from last week – I cannot put my head in the sand whenever I can’t make my time stretch far enough. Garth did work every day we were in Paris. But I’m pretty sure I could have got him to take Ace for an hour or two so I could sit in a hotel lobby and write a post. I have to get better at asking for help when I can’t make it on my own.

The every-day luxury of the week – This week I’m going to be a lot better at keeping work, mom-time and downtime separate. Tonight I’m turning off my phone and computer at 8. I’m going to have a shower, watch a movie and eat pho. It will be my reward for a good work day today.

My inspiration this week– This speech by Steve Jobs at the Stanford commencement 2005 really resonated with me. Especially since I have been to uni, but chose to travel the world with modeling instead. Steve Jobs is an inspiring guy in general. But I really took to heart what he said about “being dead soon”. I’m going to carry that thought with me from now on.

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  1. Jade Ashleigh

    Got to say although I’m not Swedish or British … I prefer the Swedish style where the blog is more personal, chatty and you feel like you know the blogger! Almost like a blogger friend! Guess it’s each to their own 😉you work so hard and do a fabulous job Tess! Xx

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