Why you need a red power-suit

Suit – Y.A.S. Bag – Saint Laurent, similar here. Jumper – old, similar here. Heels – Zara old. Earrings – River Island.  (adlinks) Photo – Ida Zander.

Who says a suit has to be black, grey, navy or beige? I much prefer this red power-suit personally.

The cut is pretty casual to be fair and I matched it with a cozy turtleneck to make it fell-appropriate. But it would look just as good in an office with a nice silky top under.

If men do red power-ties, why not a red power-suit?

The trousers are slightly flared and it lends the whole look a bit of a 70s vibe. Whilst I get a bit of help with the illusion of slightly longer legs. Can you even have too long legs? Have you ever heard anyone complain about having legs up to their ears? Me neither.

I have this thing with red at the moment. It’s a color that stands out and takes up space. You cannot apologize in red, it’s all – ” I’m here no matter you like it or not”.

The contrast to the black jumper and the gold earrings makes it even more interesting visually. I actually think gold and red are a match made in heaven. And not only for Christmas.

This is a proper “Don’t you dare mess with me” – outfit. For those days when you need a bit extra power (or just to be a bit extra in general).

Can we take a moment to appreciate this location btw? It’s the jetty by The London Eye at South bank in London. Ida and I shot here last week and it’s just a great visual with all those white beams.

We did get told off and eventually had to leave. But to be fair, the ferry guys were kind enough to let us finish taking our photos first.

Good thing Ida and I are a great team. We can shoot an outfit in minutes if we have the right location. I can’t wait for her to arrive here in Paris tomorrow. There are so many cool locations around!

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