My Morning Routine With Vichy’s Minéral 89 Booster

I recently had a collaboration with Vichy and their  Slow Âge Nuit night creme and it was a hit. I’m already working on my second jar of the good stuff. 

So when they asked me if I wanted to try out their new Minéral 89 Booster and Slow Âge day cream as a part of my morning routine, I jumped at the chance.

I love collaborating with brands and products that actually do what it says on the box and I either already use or really fancy trying out.

I have to admit I have been a bit of a skin-snob in the past. It had to be all kinds of fancy and expensive to be good, or so I thought. These days I have realized that it’s what’s on the inside of the product that matters and that I don’t have to spend a small fortune to have a good skincare routine.

Vichy is a hypoallergenic pharmacy brand that is dermatologically tested to suit even the most sensitive of skins. I love that the brand is positioned at a decent price point and that they make products that actually do what they claim. It’s a lot harder to find than one expects.

I have realized that what my skin actually needs the most in moisture, tonnes of moisture. Preferably I would like a 12-step Korean beauty routine, but I don’t have the time nor the energy to commit to that every morning.

That’s why Vichy’s new Minéral 89 Booster is the perfect product for me. I can add it either as an extra step in my skincare routine, before my serum, when I have the time. Or, if I’m in a hurry, I can use a few drops of the booster as a serum under my day cream.

What Minéral 89 mainly does is to add even a bit more moisture to the skin in the shape of hyaluronic acid and mineral-rich thermal water.

It’s a gel that sinks into the skin straight away and is so light that it would suit even you who have slightly oilier skin or find serums a bit too much. Just use the booster instead of the serum and add your day cream on top.

I’m ridiculously careful with what I put on my skin, mainly because I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup. So I rather put my energy into prepping my face so my skin looks healthy on its own. This is the secret to that glow I really like.

This is my new skincare routine;

  1. I was my face with a gentle and moisturizing cleanser that doesn’t strip my already slightly dry skin from its natural oils.
  2. I add the Minéral 89 booster all over my face.
  3. (If I have the time I add another serum on top).
  4. I use Vichy Slow Âge day cream, for even more moisture and SPF 30. This way I know that my skin always is protected against the sun.
  5. Vichy Slow Âge eye cream for the sensitive skin around my eyes.
  6. I’m ready for makeup unless I’m having a “good skin day” and choose to go without.

Guys, remember that you will have your skin all your life. Clothes and all the other material things we choose to spend our money on comes and goes. But you can’t buy or make new skin, so make sure to take good care of it every day, you won’t get a second chance.

It’s never too late to start a good skincare routine.

So, have inspired you to try a serum or a booster now? If you don’t already have it as a step in your skincare routine, then I think you should give it a try. You get a lot of result for a fairly small input.

I have asked Vichy to give you guys a 20% discount on Minéral 89 . Just click here or use the code “Min89_20” at Swedish online pharmacy Apotea to try out the new booster at a great price. 

This post is sponsored by Vichy.

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