The Monday Checklist 24th September

Jumper – New Look, trousers – Y.A.S, cap – Brixton. (adlinks) Location – Westminster Bridge. Photo – Ida Zander. 

This is a slightly unusual start of the week for me. I’m sitting at my regular table at Minnow with Olive, as usual. But I have a sleeping Ace in the buggy next to me. 

This morning when we got to his nursery there was a power cut, so they couldn’t safely take any of the children. I had to bring little Acie face along to the café, bribe him with a big buttery croissant and let him dance on the table before he fell asleep in the buggy.

Not ideal from a work point of view, but shit happens. You have to be flexible when it comes to small children and make sure not to get too stressed and to be nice to ourselves. Things that are out of our control, are out of our control and that’s that.

As usual we are starting our week with affirmations, mantras, goals, visions, and dreams:

The mantra of the week – “There are no wrong decisions.” Everything happens for a reason and it will either work out perfectly or not at all and we have learnt that lesson until next time. As long as we have made the choice with our hearts and truly believe it’s the right option, there are no regrets. This is a good thing to remember those days when we stand in front of a big choice or just small everyday decisions. Sometimes it’s more important to make a choice than what we actually choose.

The affirmation of the week – “I  attract positive and supportive people because I am myself a positive and supportive person”. We become like the people we spend time with and as an adult, most of our friendship circles are already full. When you are young, your circles are constantly growing, but as we get older they shrink again. Some go because of life and others we clear out, rarely to be replaced. We get more and more selective about who we want to spend our time with and it’s incredibly important that the people in the inner circle believe in us and makes us feel good about ourselves.

The goal of the week – I have quite a lot of work to get done this week, so the goal is to get it all done without putting too much pressure on myself. With Ace not going to nursery today and a school tour on Wednesday I will have to be very efficient. But I will get it done. I have my tools to avoid stressing myself out and I will use them.

The dream of the week – Am I allowed to dream of spending a few months in the Caribbean? I have only surfed once, in Barbados, but I really loved it and would love to learn properly. To bring my little family and go and live somewhere like Barbados or Antigua one winter would be the dream. I will just have to wait until Ace is old enough to stand on a board first.

The vision of the week – A big walk-in closet filled with only clothes I truly love and feel good wearing. One side is mine, the other one is Garth’s and in the middle is a display cabinet with my wedding dress (why keep it in a box not to be seen?) I actually had a walk-in planned on the original drawings for this flat, but to get planning permission we had to change a few things prioritized bigger bedrooms over a walk-in. But in the next house!

Focus of the week – To get all my work done, do 2 yoga sessions, clean and tidy up at home after the party and clear out more items from my wardrobe. I’m getting better and better at letting go of old things and “Save the children” here in Clapham is getting the bulk of it.

The event of the week – This will in contrast to last week, be a calm one for us. I have noticed that an every-other system works really well. The only thing planned is to go and tour a potential school for Ace on Wednesday. We have registered him at two different schools and will choose what would suit him better when he is a little bit older. The whole school conundrum here in London is completely mental.

The lesson from last week – Kids parties are great fun. I have never thrown one before and it all went really well. So it’s a positive lesson this time.

The week’s everyday luxury – Cathy who plays with Ace for a couple of hours each week will be back from a long trip on Wednesday. This means I will have 4 more hours to work. But I have decided I need a treat for carrying, birthing and sustaining a life for a full year, so I’m going to use the 2 hours on Friday to do something for myself. The question is what to do. Any suggestions?

Inspiration of the week – There is this show on Netflix called “Chef´s Table” and I find it really inpiring. Not that I want to become a chef or open a restaurant, but becasue of the different life stories. All of them come from different background, but have one thing in common – they want to open a top restaurant. I love how determined they are, how hard they have worked and how they finally have succeeded. It’s also filmed really well. (However don’t watch on an empty stomach, you will want to eat your tv).

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