Ace 1 year and the world’s cutest animal cake

Yesterday we hosted our very first birthday party. Ace turned 1 year old and we celebrated with all of our friends and the world’s cutest animal cake.

We love having people over and have had lots of parties and dinners at our place over the years. But this was a completely new kind of party and it was important for us that Ace would enjoy it at least as much as we did.

25 people made it, half of them grown-ups and the rest were Ace’s little friends. There were kids from 7 months up to 5 years old. We had loads of food and a gorgeous animal cake that Garth’s mom Merrill made. She is such a talent, she made all the decorations for our wedding cake too.

Our theme was African animals and Ace was wearing the cutest little lion outfit. I’m going to see if I can find a picture, he looked sooo adorable.

Steffi, Nalle and Harry flew over from Sweden and stayed in the flat above all weekend. Dad and Aja came over too and the world’s best godmother came and suprised us all. On Garths side of the family we had his parents and also his siter Tanya with all 3 kids. They stayed in the second bedroom upstairs, so there were 5 wild little cousins running all over the place having a blast.

We surprised all the non-swedes at the party with a traditional Swedish game called “go fish”. All the kids line up in front of a door covered with a big sheet. Then there is a “fishing rod” and all of them get to “fish” for something on the other side of the sheet. Sometimes they get old boots and have to throw them back other times they get candy or a soft toy. Nanna was head fisherman and I think she had even more fun than the kids. We could not have picked a better godmother for Ace <3

We couldn’t really decide on what to do regarding alcohol. So we offered everyone a glass of champagne when they arrived and then we put a few bits in the garden for people to get if they wanted. It was cold and rainy, so most of us only had that one glass. It felt appropriate. It’s not up to me to decide if people should be drinking or not, but personally, I think one glass is enough when there are children around. So this was a great compromise.

Even if Ace won’t remember this birthday, it will probably be the most important one for me. His first year and his first ever party. In that one single year, he has changed my life in more ways than I thought was possible. <3

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