6 timeless second-hand designer bags online

1. Chanel ”classic” 2. Saint Laurent ”Chyc”, 3. Céline ”Phantom”, 4. Chanel ”Grand shopping”, 5. Prada clutch, 6. Louis Vuitton ”Neverfull”. (adlinks).

I’m so happy to hear you are just as into second-hand designer items as I am.

Not just because it’s cheaper and way more fun, but also for the environment. I’m pro-consumption, it’s in the end what makes our economy work. But I believe that sustainable shopping is the way forward. Buy what you want, use it well and sell or give it away to charity once you are done.

I would lie if I said this is something I have lived by all my life. I was the queen of buying cheap trendy high-street items that got used once or twice and then disappeared into the dark dusty corners of my wardrobe, never to be seen again.

But recently I have admitted I have a problem and I’m now a sober shopaholic. I got rid of 10 pairs of shoes and took them straight to charity this week. Now it’s time for me to do the same with my bags.

When I buy something from now on it has to be something I love and want to use for many years. And when I’m done with it, I will make sure it moves on to a new home, not the back of my closet.

Quality over quantity, second-hand in good condition, everyday mom-clothes that are comfortable and things I really love will get a green light. Trend-led items from the big chains and impulse buys are a big fat no.

Anyone fancy joining me?

In the collage you will find 6 timeless second-hand designer bags from Vestiaire Collective. I love the little dusty pink clutch from Prada and I would love to have the LV Neverfull for my holiday wardrobe.

My next step is to list all my designer items I want to move on from on Vestiaire Collective. I’m going to ask Garth to take Ace for a few hours on a Saturday soon. To give me some time to take photos and list them all. You can find my profile here. I have a couple of things listed on there from before. 

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