The Monday checklist September 17

Skirt – Boohoo, poloneck – Lindex (old, you can find a similar one here), boots – Marzio & bag – Saint Laurent. (adlinks) Location – Rocky coffee truck at Waterloo (how cute?!). Photo – Ida Zander.

Monday morning and I’m already sitting in Minnow with a latte and a porridge in front of me. It’s another week and I think we should kick it off with this week’s mantra, affirmation, dreams, and goals. 

I have found my work spots now and got about 5 different cafés I rotate the days when Ace is at nursery. I prefer a coffee shop in the beginning of the week and then I can work from home the rest of the time. I need a change of scenery to keep myself inspired and motivated.

The Mantra of the week – “The words I use, create my future”. This is why I always try to be positive and “the bigger person”. I value being a good person above anything else and I know that my happiness is up to me. So instead of complaining and thinking negative thoughts. I always make sure to try my best to see the positive in a situation, even if I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps.

The affirmation of the week – “My life is balanced, I don’t need to stress”. I didn’t realise how high my stress levels were until I finally got to wind down. No wonder my old stomach ulcer has been playing up, the last year has been absolutley mental. I’m so proud of myself for keeping going even though all I wanted was to give up many times. I’m so grateful to have a balanced life again.

The goal of the week – I want to get all my admin done when Ace is at the nursery the next couple of days. On Thursday the first guests arrive and on Saturday it’s Ace’s first birthday. It would be nice to be able to put my full focus on them and the party.

The dream of the week – Some days I really miss home and today is one of them. I would love to live in a villa just outside of Stockholm. Far enough to enjoy the quiet nature, but still to be able to pop in for a big city-fix whenever I needed it. The air is cleaner, the food is better and I would have my family around the corner.

The vision of the week– I can’t wait for Ace to go on his first proper beach holiday. I remember loving to go to Greece as a young girl. The sand, the sun, the food, and the people. It all felt so exotic! Ace has so far been a bit too young to enjoy a beach and water. But soon we will be able to build sand castles and snorkel together. I can’t wait!

The focus of the week – To arrange a fun 1st birthday party for Ace. I have asked the hubby for a DIY project for his room that I think he will enjoy. I have so far ordered balloons, helium, party hats, and various decorations. For now, there are about 25 people coming, most of them children.

The event of the week – Ace turning 1 of course! I can’t believe our little dude has been with us for a whole year already. It’s crazy how much he has developed and grown. Imagine if we could keep the same rate for the rest of our lives, we would be super tall, very fat and have massive heads.

The lesson from last week – I think I went a bit overboard with all my structuring and gave myself a creative block at the end of the week. I need to not put too much pressure on myself, it ruins both inspiration and motivation.

The every-day luxury of the week – I’m booked in for my second acupuncture session on Friday, but I’m thinking it might get a bit much right before the party. So I’m probably just going to order a massage home tomorrow night instead. I love that they come to me.

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