The best spot to take a photo with the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Bomber jacket – Tara Jarmon, jeans – Asos, yellow sweater – Uniqlo, boots – Marzio, bag – Chanel, sunnies – Triwa  & watch – Jaeger LeCoultre.

Do you want to know the best spot for taking a photo with the Eiffel Tower? –  Trocadéro!

Sure, there are lovely streets around the tower where you can take really nice shots, but if you want a sure thing, get the full tower and it to look like you are there basically on your own. Then Trocadero is your best bet.

It’s actually a whole bunch of stairs with lots of different places where you can stand and take photos. Either like I’m doing in the photos or if you feel a bit adventurous, you can stand on the ledge. Then I promise you there will be no other people in your photos, even though Trocadéro itself tends to be quite busy.

I actually feel like I should make a new little Paris guide. We have been to a bunch of new great restaurants and we stayed in a new hotel this time too. I love Paris! And the best thing of all is that we are heading back again at the beginning of October.

BTW how nice is red and yellow together?

I always shied away a bit from red shades, it just felt a bit, well, too strong for me. But lately I feel like I have finally grown to suit red and I absolutely love wearing it. Especially matched with yellow, what a color explosion!

And can we take a moment to appreciate the bomber from Tara Jarmon? It’s such a great statement piece that will liven up even the most grey of days.

I actually feel like a happier person when I wear a lot of colors. Almost like I’m more alive. …or maybe it’s just Paris, who knows?

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