The Colourful Home Interiors You Need This Fall – My Top Picks

Ceiling light – by Rydéns, table – Ellos , flowerpot – Ellos , yellow pillow – Gant, purple pillow – Gant , pouf – Jotex, chair – Jotex , cabinet – Ellos, sheepskin – shepherd, table lamp – Ellos (adlinks)

Every fall it comes sneaking up on me, the desire to make our house cozier. 

Every summer I crave to remove, throw away and make our home clean and simple and then when September hits I want it all back again. Pillows, throws, deliciously scented candles, big tea cups for lazy mornings, sheepskin and good lightning find their way back up from the basement where it has been hibernating over the summer months.

It always baffels me how much difference you can do with very little input. At the moment I fancy jewel-colours, interesting textures like velvet and ceramic. I want more patterns, warm shades, and interesting details to look at. Our home feels a bit like an empty canvas ready to be coloured in.

I want to invite all the colors from the outside. In the collage above I have collected some of my favorites that won’t break the bank, but still make a big difference and fits perfectly into my autumn palette.

I’m removing all the light and bright, put sheer fabrics and blue and white striped items in a box to go in the basement until next spring. to make space for a new season. Of course, there are trends in interiors, but the most important thing is to create a home that’s individual and reflect my taste (and Garth’s too of course). The biggest issue at the moment is where to put things.

Ace now climbs up on the back of the sofa and tries to pull down the frames from the wall… He is growing like a weed and every week he can reach a new surface that used to be “safe”. Our home is slowly but surely moving up the walls, it’s almost comical.

BUT I won’t let it stop me. Textiles are baby friendly and things like candles, pretty pots and lamps are pretty and useful even on shelves so I will focus on those.

Maybe you have some great advice on how to decorate with a 1-year old in the house? ( apart from nailing everything to walls and cielings. Ha!)


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