The Monday Check-list

We are back home to our normal lives in London again after almost 3 weeks of traveling.

I love being away, but it’s amazing to get to come back to normal routines again. I’m back at Minnow working away, Ace is in nursery and Olive is snoring on my jacket next to me. All is as it should be.

Now I’m ready to take on the new season!

The mantra of the week – ”Things happens for me, not to me”. It’s very important to see the difference between actively participating and working to get somewhere in life and just letting things happen to us. Things happen because I choose to work for them, I make a choice in everything I do.

The affirmation of the week – ”We are our habits. We become what we chose to do”. To become successful/happy/healthy etc is not easy and something we have to work hard for. It has to become a habit before it can happen. It’s a lot easier to create new good habits than to break bad ones. So if we start by making good ones, the bad ones will go away as we grow.

The goal of the week– Now we need to find our way back to our routines again. Ace is a baby that likes a good routine and I’m exactly the same. It’s amazing to get to travel, but not always completely healthy. So I’m looking forward to work, eat, train and sleep on set times again.

The dream of the week.  – It might sound a bit weird, but I dream of becoming super organized. I love when everything is easy and I know that everything will get done. At the moment I have recurring appointments in my diary for things like my hairdresser, nails, Olives vet visit for her allergy shots, dental hygienist etc. It makes more space in my mind to focus on other things and I can just follow my calendar.

The vision of the week – I see a whole bunch of cousins laughing, playing and having fun in the grass on a warm early evening whilst me and my sisters watch them and talk about life. I have four younger sisters and Ace already has one cousin on my side and three on Garth’s side. So there will be a lot of family for him to hang out with in the future. It would be amazing if they, even though we live in different countries, could grow up as much as possible together.

This week’s focus – To get our routines back and to get organized at home. I have for the first time 3 half days to work whilst Ace is at the nursery. You will most likely find me right here at Minnow with my latte and porridge, working away. I have told them they can throw me out if I’m here too often…

The event of the week – This week the only event is Ace’s 8-12 month check up. But apart from that, it’s a pretty chilled week. After a few weeks on the go, I really don’t mind some time to regroup.

My lesson from last week –Even though I love my routines, it’s important to break them now and then. It’s ok for Ace to go to bed one hour later if it means we get to have a nice dinner out in Paris one night. It’s all about balance and I have to learn to relax a bit more.

The every-day luxury of the week– I’m going to go to yoga on Wednesday. It’s a luxury for me to go mid-week since I have only been able to go on weekends until now. I’m going to take the last hour of Ace is nursery every week for myself, so I get to stretch and have some me-time.

This week’s inspiration – Josefina sent over an article on life that really resonated with me. I just have to share it with you  – Happiness & The Gorilla.  Simple!

Jeans – Stradivarius, t-shirt- Asos, sneakers – Adidas, hairband – Asos Design. (adlinks) Location – Minnow. Photo – Ida Zander.

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