The Best Swedish Designer Fashion Right Now

Blouse – Filippa K, pink dress – by Malina, skirt – Filippa K, bag – Acne, sneakers – Tiger of Sweden, top – Ida Sjöstedt, coat – Tiger of Sweden, blouse – Dagmar , dress – Filippa K. (adlinks)

As a Swede, at the moment in Sweden attending Fashion week, I do find it my duty to educate you guys a bit on Swedish fashion. (And show you the best by Swedish designers in stores right now.)

Don’t worry I’m not going to dig deep into all the different designers and their vision. But simply show you what I like by our designers that actually is available in shops at the moment.

Often fashion is either in the future or sold out. So to take a quick peek at what is available now is a bit more helpful than showing you what will arrive in a while.

At the moment I’m very much into dove grey and it seems that Swedish designers are too, yay! Look at all these amazing bits I found, I honestly kind of want them all…

Right now I’m really enjoying Filippa Ks simple, but perfect silhouettes, Dagmar’s prints and cuts, by Malina’s feminine touch, the prettiness of anything Ida Sjöstedt comes up with and the Scandic cuts by Tiger of Sweden.

Don’t worry if you have never heard about these designers before. They might not be as famous as Acne and Cheap Monday outside of Scandinavia, but they are truly at least as talented. For some reason, I find that Swedish design tends to get stuck in stuffy places like Harrods when they launch abroad. Don’t ask me why? The Danes really do it soo well!

What do you think of Swedish fashion (that is not made by H to the M)? Would you choose to buy any of the items above?

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