I Put On My Pyjamas …And Went To A Fashion show

Pyjamas from Parasol Rose, booties by Tara Jarmon & bag from Chanel. Photo – Ida Zander.

If there is one fashion trend I will never ever let go of it’s wearing your pyjamas out and about.

I mean, can you get any comfier than in your PJs? We all know the answer is no unless you sleep naked I guess.

Since I’m a new Mom I basically spent my last year in sleepwear and softies, so it felt right to keep on doing my thang when I go to fashion week. Yes, it is a slightly fancier pyjamas than most and yes those are naked women on the print.

This set is by London brand Parasol Rose.

They make the kind of sleepwear that rich lawyers on tv show wear to bed. The kind I have on my vision board for when I’m wealthy enough to only have silk and cashmere against my skin when I’m lounging at home instead of the hubby’s old trackie bottoms.

They will nevertheless most likely be covered in banana and ice cream stains, but still.

As we know by now, I don’t really play by fashion rules. Who makes them anyway?

So I took my baby and went to fashion week in my Pjs. And I felt great, Ace was super cute, I was super comfy and I didn’t even need to change when I got home. That’s a result when it comes to saving time.

The show we attended today was by Camilla Thulin and without getting too detailed about Swedish politics, she made a strong pro-woman statement and there were standing ovations and double finales. A power-show, so refreshing! Check out my Instastory from today to see pics and a clip or two from the show.

So have I convinced you? Will you be adding a pair of heels and wearing your PJs out? Are you in your PJs now? Add a pair of heels and send me a photo!

Can you imagine, I have a feeling there would be some hilarious combos. But seriously, do get yourself some fancy pyjamas and wear them out. It’s totally liberating!

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