Welcome To My New English Blog!

Photo Ida Zander, dress – Stevie May (adlink)

Well, hello to you! I’m glad you made it here.

I’m so happy to finally be able to have a separate space for the English version of my blog. This means no more scrolling past the Swedish version, no more double headlines and I can tweak my posts to better suit you.

It will still be 99% the same as the Swedish version, but if there is a specific topic that doesn’t want go on the Swedish blog, well, then I can always add an extra post here.

United Influencers is such a great agent to have and I’m truly blessed to get this opportunity. I really hope you guys will love it here as much as I do.

Of course, as with any move, there are still a few unpacked boxes, light bulbs missing and general bugs in the design. I have such a massive blog to move over so it would be strange if not (over 9 000 posts, yikes!). So, please let me know if anything seems strange or off and also have patience with us this week. It will be perfect soon.

At the moment, I don’t have my library of older posts with me over on this blog.  I will start the very long and laborious task of separating the languages and moving posts over one by one as soon as I’m back in London. It might take me a while.. but until then you can find new stuff here and old posts on TessM.se.

So who is ready to pop that champagne?


  1. Jade Ashleigh

    Yay an English version blog space so insanely exciting 🤩 I remember the days of copying and pasting each separate paragraph into google translate and trying to figure out some of the weird translations that sometimes appeared 😂 then being able to translate the whole page using google, which at the time was the best invention ever! Didn’t think I could top the excitement when scrolling to the English section appeared! But now … 😍 It’s well over ten years later and I still can’t wait to read the blog everyday!! 🥂here’s to the next ten 😉 From initially struggling after emigrating to the uk, the ups and downs of being a teenage single mom and starting a career as a nurse … you’ve taught and inspired me so much along the way!! Thank you my lovely 🙏 😘 xxx

    1. Aww Jade, I would have this version of the blog even if only you read it <3 You are such a sweetheart!

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