How To Take A Baby To Fashion Week

So today this happened… Ace went to his very first fashion show!

It’s Stockholm fashion week and I have a couple of shows I would like to see, so the plan was for him to stay with a friend or family for the hour I would need to be away. But after his cold, his 8th tooth deciding to come and join us and an entry into the lovely leap 8 (what’s up with the number 8?) I basically cannot put him down, let alone give him to someone else and disappear.

So the choice was not to go or to add a sneaky +1/2. I chose the latter. Steffi had some ear covers for Harry that I could use, I put him in a cute outfit and off we went to The Grand Hotel and the Naim Josefi show.

I have to say that I was pretty surprised at how warm and friendly even the fashion people can be when there is a baby around. He was on great form, smiling and waving at everyone, he patted a lady’s arm, touched a guys hair and couldn’t stop looking around at everyone. No-one was bothered, everyone just smiled and said hello to him.

…he did, however, decide to go off on a little baby monologue at the intro of the show. Normally the music tends to be quite loud, so when the soft tunes of a piano and the voice of the very talented Orphee Noah opened the show it was a nice surprise.

The rest of the show he just sat mesmerized and looked at all the models and clothes walking by. My little cutie-pie!

I always make an imaginary wardrobe for the next season at Fashion Week. If I had space and the money I would buy it all, but for now, maybe an item or two.

From this show I really fancy the blue boots (if they are comfy, I’m a Mom now…), the prints are amazing, that green suit and maybe not as wearable down the high street to pick up a pint of milk, but still worth a mention – the finale dress.

It was such a color pop of a show, right up my street. With quite a few wearable pieces too. I have said I really should wear more Swedish design, so maybe…

Tomorrow it’s time for Aces second fashion show ever, we are going to see Camilla Thulin. Not bad for his first ever fashion week. 

My dress is by The fold.

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