My Monday Checklist

I have had max 2 hours sleep in one stretch in the last 3 nights. I even almost forgot it’s Monday and time for a new list.

Poor Ace has picked up some nasty bug and has been struggling with a high temperature and a sore throat. He is not sleeping or eating and all he wants to do is to be carried around and to cry. It’s completely understandable, but almost impossible when I’m here on my own in Sweden. He got sick the day before we left and seemed a bit better, so I ended up flying with him anyway. But then he got worse again. It has been rough on all of us, mostly on him of course. I would take his illness if I could. Today is the first day I could get him to eat anything but fruit pouches and baby snacks.

The mantra of the week – ” Nothing changes if nothing changes”. It sounds like a given, but think about it. We can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different outcomes. It’s time to do something new.

This week’s affirmation – ”I’m inspired and motivated”. A new start is a great boost for motivation and inspiration. Let’s do this!

The goal of the week – For Ace to get well and for me to get some sleep. He feels better already, so fingers x.

Dream of the week – I want to really learn about the stock market. I have dabbled, but I have a lot left to learn.

This week’s vision – An office outside of the home, with colleagues and a little corner for Olive to nap in. My own business of course.

The focus of the week – Change, improvement, and fashion of course (It’s Stockholm Fashionweek.)

The event of the week – I have something big to reveal tomorrow, I’m so excited! So that’s my biggest event, the second biggest is fashion week. I’m going to attend two shows this time. I can’t do more when I’m on my own with Ace, but I’m happy just to go at all. I love fashion week and find it very inspiring.

The lesson from last week – Nursery = virus and bugs. I guess we have to count on a fall of colds now when Ace start nursery for real. I guess it’s good for his immune system.

This week’s everyday-luxury – I’m going to go and buy and eat some crayfish. It’s my favorite thing to eat here in Sweden and now is the season.

The inspiration of the week – I’m all about happiness and to be happy. It’s my big goal in life. So when I find TED talks or similar on the subject, I will watch it. This week I found Dan Gilbert’s ”The Surprising Science of happiness” very interesting.

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