My 2 Favorite Concealers

If there is one makeup product I often buy to try out from new brands, it’s concealers.

I’m not really a foundation kind of girl, so it’s really important for me to have a great concealer in my makeup bag. Especially since I had kids… To not look like a walking dead I cover my under eye circles, around my nose for redness, any spots or patches and also the top of my lid so I have a nice even base for my eyeshadow. I also have a couple of lovely visibly blue veins in the corners of my eyes that I prefer to keep hidden.

After a lot of experimenting, I have realized I actually need two different kinds of concealers to do the job properly. One light and smooth version and a heavier one with more coverage. I use the light version under my eyes, on my eyelids, and around the nose and the heavier one goes on top of any blemishes, the veins and on the lower part of my dark circles if I have had a particularly rough night.

Tn the past I always used YSl’s Touche éclat. It is a lovely product that really reflects the light and has a very sheer finish, however in photos, especially when using a flash, it comes up slightly grey-tinted. As a blogger that does bother me a bit. So when I found by Terrys ”Touche Veloutée” that basically does the same thing sans the greyness I switched over.

My heavier concealer of choice, I’m pretty sure I have spoken about in the past, but it has become such a staple in my makeup bag that I will mention it yet again. It’s – L’Oréals ”Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette”. Its basically like real life retouch. I have to be a bit more careful to make sure I don’t get it in any fine lines and only use a thin layer. But used right the cover is magic. As you can see in the photos, the darkest skin colored version is my fav and it even covers my veins completely.

These two concealers together are enough for me to be able to go completely foundation free and still look awake and with nice skin. It allows my skin to breathe more and I lose one step in my morning makeup routine. Win-win!

Do you have any concealer faves?

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