My Plan For Fall

Dress – Oasis, shoes – Pretty ballerinas, bag – Chanel, sunglasses – Saint Laurent, phone case – Ideal of Sweden. (adlinks). Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Honest Burger Clapham (they make a mean lemonade).

I’m so ready for a new start this fall and I just sat down and made a little list of things I want to do more of, change and stop doing. 

Things I want to do more of:

Work out – At the moment I only go to one hot yoga class a week, every Sunday. But when Ace will start nursery properly I’m planning on adding another class on Wednesdays. Slowly I want to get my abs used to working out again. I still have a bit of separation and I’m doing exercises for them to come together every day. It’s already loads better, so I will keep working on it. And when I feel like the yoga is easy again I will try to throw in a session or two of CrossFit. I love the feeling I get from lifting weights.

Read books – I have only read a couple of books since Ace was born, I just had so much else to prioritize (like sleep…). So now when I’m getting most of my evenings back again I’m going to make sure to read for at least 30 mins before bed every day. To relax, learn and to just experience another world for a while.

Eat more veggies – I very rarely have meat during the day, but usually, opt for a salad or soup for lunch. At night Garth tends to cook most days and dinner is usually chicken, fish or red meat. So if I decide to not eat meat at all in the daytime and to have more veg and less of the meat on my late at night I think it will work out without Garth having to change what he wants to eat and cook. I just change the proportions on my plate. To be fair, we have chicken one night a week and fish two, so we don’t have as much red meat as I expected before I analyzed my diet. I don’t want to stop eating meat, but I want to eat less of it.

Spend time with friends – I want to allocate one evening every month for a dinner or drinks with friends. For some deeper conversation and depth. Preferably with another Mom friend that also needs a break from the baby world. It’s so important for me to get to just be ”Tess” now and then.  

Spend some one and one time with Garth – Same as above, I want one evening a month to just be for the two of us. We get a babysitter in and go out just as husband and wife and take a break from being Mom and Dad for a couple of hours.

Things I want to change:

Work – I’m changing how I’m working and instead of sitting all evenings I will be able to work daytime when Ace is in the nursery.  get so much more done sitting in a café with my laptop than at home tired after dinner. I’m already feeling so much more efficient and harmonic after having a couple of hours here and there when Ace has been settling into the nursery during this last week.

My wardrobe – I want to exchange quantity for quality and only own things I truly love. I have slowly but surely started the process of clearing out and the next step is to put things up for sale at Vestiaire Collective and possibly arrange a blog sale here in London with a few fellow bloggers. Maybe we could give a % of the profit towards a charity. I have a soft spot for Battersea dog’s home…

Things I want to stop doing;

Stress – I honestly feel best when I plan y days hour by hour. It might sound hectic, but the result is the opposite. When I know that each thing has its own time then I donät have to worry about getting to any of it, it will happen on its own. Its really important for my health (and my old stomach ulcer) so make sure I don’t stress too much and that I don’t feel like I’m constantly behind.

Buy trendy clothes –  It’s time for investment pieces. I have wasted loads of money on trendy items that only lasted a couple of months before it was out of fashion and ready to live in the back of the closet. Of course, I can still buy an item or two sometimes, but it should be things I love and will wear year after year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive items to be good, but I do need to actually love it.

Having a bad conscience – This goes hand in hand with not feeling like I have enough time to do anything 100%. Organisation is key and I have to let go of any prestige. Especially when it comes to parenting. Sometimes my best at that time just has to be enough. I can’t be present all the time when I’m with Ace, it’s too easy to fall into the trap of becoming a one-woman entertainment machine. He has to learn to play and explore the world on his own and he might even have to be a little bit bored now and then.

What do you feel like you want to do more/less of or change this fall?

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