The Monday Checklist

Poster – Desenio, phone case – Ideal of Sweden, calender – Sainsbury’s

Hello Monday! I’m already working away at Tart whilst Ace is spending another 2 hours settling in at the nursery. 

This has opened a whole new world for me. I’m so happy to be able to work during the day and get my evenings back. I’m feeling a lot more relaxed, creative and plan happy already. Today Olive got to come with and is at the moment snoring away in my lap.

The mantra of the week  – ”It’s up to me and no one else to make me happy”. It’s incredibly important to realize that we are all in charge of our own happiness. It’s not up to our partners, parents, kids or friends to make us happy, that would be an impossible task. We have to figure out what makes us tick and do more of that., Happiness comes from within.

This week’s affirmation – ”I’m hardworking and successful”. It can be hard to look at our own accomplishments and see them for what they are. We always aim to reach higher, so as soon as we get to a certain point it becomes old news. We should never look down on how far we already have come. When I look back at my life, I do it with pride. I have reached a lot of my goals and I know I will reach many more.

The goal of the week –  To prepare for Stockholm, the fashion week and a fun secret I’m ready to reveal next week. I hate not being able to tell you all and this has been cooking away for a while now. I can’t wait to let you know what I have been working on.

Dream of the week – To work with charity full-time. I have this vision of me in my 60s busy spending my time on charity and giving back. Of course, I will have to try to set myself up now to make that a possibility in the future, if I want this vision to become reality.

This week’s vision – Grandkids. I know I just had my first baby this year, but still, I can’t help to think how that opens the doors to future grandkids. I had such a strong relationship with my grandparents and I can’t wait to have the same with Ace’s (and hopefully his siblings) little ones. 

The focus of the week – Washing, packing and working away so I’m all ready to go to Sweden on Friday.

The event of the week – To go back home to see my family and attend fashion week. Ace and I are going for 10 days and Garth joins us for the second weekend. I’m used to traveling on my own with Ace now and it helps that I have my family back home. We will be staying with Dad and Aja Friday – Tuesday and with Steffi, Harry and Nalle Tuesday-Sunday. This way we get so ee and spend time with everyone.

The lesson from last week  – Sleep is important. My old stomach ulcer has flared up lately and even though I’m back on my medication I had a couple of nights with a tummy ache and bad sleep. The last two nights I have been a bit more careful with what and when I have been eating and it made such a difference for my sleep. I feel like a completely different person when I get enough shuteye.

This week’s everyday-luxury –  I actually don’t have any everyday luxury planned for this week and I can’t think of anything either. What would you guys suggest?

The inspiration of the week –  ”The Four Hour Work Week”. I read this book a long time ago, but it’s only now I have really started to implement a few of the techniques Timothy Ferriss recommends. I especially find his way of downgrading meetings to phone calls, phone calls to emails and emails to messages super useful. I also only check my emails a couple of times a day and I have started to compartmentalize my work a lot more. It really works!

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